Dlc - Délices low carb is an online shop specialising in the sale of low carb or sugar-free/carbohydrate-free products. It was born from the will of Cyril Plas, its manager, himself a fervent follower of this mode of nutrition (which then became a lifestyle in its own right), a low carb lifestyle that he shares with his partner.

24 months of dieting (interspersed with weight regain due to the reintroduction of carbohydrates advised by the dieticians he consulted) highlighted two important success parameters:

1/ The role of carbohydrates in a low-calorie diet

2/ The important psychological part in the success of such a diet

In fact, following the loss of the desired weight, it is often advisable to reintroduce carbohydrates into one's diet.

To make energy, the body primarily uses carbohydrates, which are the nutrients that are most quickly converted into fuel. Excess carbohydrates consumed are stored first in the glycogen reserve around the liver, and then as fat in the body's fat cells.

Low carb diets involve depriving the body of carbohydrate intake (or severely reducing this intake) forcing the body to use its fat reserves to make the energy it needs. (The liver transforms the stored fat into ketone bodies as a source of energy).

Cyril Plas has put this diet into practice with the following results: total loss to date: 24 kg, blood pressure down from 16 to 12/6, with a daily boost of energy. He ran a half-marathon and a marathon in less than a month while continuing to eat no carbohydrates except those found in fruit and vegetables. It is also worth noting that this low-carb lifestyle had a surprising effect on the radiance of the skin, which became firmer and more radiant. 

He could only see the benefits of this lifestyle without the slightest deficiency in view of the analyses and the state of form observed.

However, nothing would have been possible without taking into account the psychological part of pleasure in any diet that allowed him to hold on in the long term. Indeed, in addition to this diet, the important thing was to find pleasant foods without affecting weight. That's why the Atkins bars for example were the key to success in stabilising her weight while enjoying herself during the break. The ultimate goal was achieved: to indulge without suffering the health consequences.