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Your favorite salty protein snacks

Whether you're more of a jerky chip or cheese chip person, find all the great salty protein snack references.

Salty snacks for the perfect snack

Did you think snacks weren't diet friendly? Eaten between meals, protein-rich snacks instead help keep a low carb or low GI diet on track. Low in carbohydrates, these snacks offer crunchy or melt-in-your-mouth textures and gourmet flavors like parmesan, cheese, tomato, meat, bell pepper.

There are two kinds of salty protein snacks: protein chip-type products and pork or beef jerky products. Both of these snacks share the same practicality and can be eaten over and over again to offer a little boost to the body and mind.

When to eat salty snacks?

The question of when to eat salty protein snacks depends on the usual timing of your snacking cravings. When dieting to lose weight or gain muscle, it is important to quantify food intake. Consuming a protein snack will stall a small hunger during the day while avoiding continuous snacking thanks to the satiating power of protein.

If you snack around 10am or around 4pm, this is the ideal time to take a protein-rich snack. These easy-to-eat foods also fit in with a meal on the go. They replace the too fatty and too high carbohydrate appetizer cookies.

Before or after sports, in the evening in front of the television, in the morning on the transport or with the coffee at 1pm: it's up to you to choose your moment to enjoy a protein snack.

Benefits of salty protein snacks

Following a slimming diet requires a certain amount of self discipline. Cravings to snack or eat pleasure foods are often indicative of a lack of good nutrients. With salty protein snacks, you appease your sweet tooth while enjoying a high supply of satiating protein.

High protein snacks are also just the thing if you need to add protein to your diet, to gain or maintain muscle mass for example. Tasty and low in carbohydrates, they help build muscle while keeping blood sugar from spiking.

Examples of high-protein snack recipes

Homemade salty snacks usually contain a lot of carbs. Examples include sandwiches made with bread, butter, ham and salad. Chips, spreads and other industrial products intended for appetizers also contain a large proportion of sugars.

In contrast to these carbohydrate-rich foods, protein snacks offer a controlled intake of sugar, which is ideal for a keto or diabetic diet. A serving of protein chips thus contains only around 3 grams of carbohydrates, while baked chips or classic snacks easily contain three times that amount.

Salted snacks on Delights Low Carb

Where to find quality salted protein snacks at a great price? On Délices Low Carb, you'll unearth the latest trends in protein snacks and ketogenic eating.

Low carb chips, low GI jerky bites, keto appetizers: indulge yourself while paying attention to your figure.