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Keto Madeleines - Ketogenic

Ideal for breakfast, a snack or as a snack, the madeleine is a popular French cake that delights young and old foodies alike. High in fat and sugar, it is often considered to be forbidden as part of a healthy diet or a specific diet. In reality, it is quite possible to consume madeleines if you are a follower of a keto diet, provided you choose them well!

As a reminder, the keto or ketogenic diet is a diet strongly limited in carbohydrates so composed mainly of fat and protein. By adopting a keto diet, the goal is to get the body into a state of ketosis, causing it to draw energy from fat reserves. 

The recipe for a non-ketogenic madeleine

Although there are a multitude of recipes for making madeleines, no matter which cookbook you use, you'll always find the same main ingredients: butter, flour, eggs, white sugar, milk and baking powder. The dough is then spread in the traditional elongated shell-shaped molds, and after a few minutes in the oven... it's ready! However, this cake is mainly composed of carbohydrates (about 49g versus 6.75g for keto) contained in the flour and white sugar, making it a food to avoid in a low carb or ceto diet. 

The madeleine adapted to the keto diet: a recipe with specific ingredients

Délices Low Carb has gathered on this page a selection of ready-to-eat keto madeleines to make your life easier, but you can totally make your own ketogenic madeleines at home! In order to make this mythical little cake suitable for a keto diet, you need to focus on the carbohydrates it contains, and reduce their quantity as much as possible. The dough will therefore be prepared by replacing the classic white wheat flour by a low GI flour and the white sugar by a natural sweetening substitute. Low carb flours, also called keto flours, include almond flour, peanut flour, lupin flour and coconut flour. As for the sugars, we would rather opt for sweeteners, allowing to keep the sweet taste while limiting strongly or totally the carbohydrates in the final product. So you can opt for sweeteners like:

- Erythritol

- Inulin

- Xylitol

- Stevia

These alternative sweeteners come in different forms (powder, crystals, liquids) and can even be flavored with the flavor of your choice: chocolate, hazelnut, almond, coconut, coffee, lemon, etc... You will find all these products for sale on Delicates Low Carb at the dedicated page: ceto sweeteners and sweeteners.

Ketogenic madeleines for all tastes!

The traditional madeleine is usually simply flavored with vanilla or orange flower. To vary the pleasures during your snacks, Délices Low Carb has selected for you keto madeleines with various gourmet flavors. Whether you like chocolate, vanilla, lemon, coconut or even coffee, you will find on this page a keto madeleine with the flavor you like. Topped with chocolate chips or hazelnuts, Délices Low Carb's ceto madeleines can all be eaten during a keto, sugar-free, low GI, gluten-free or low carb diet for a gourmet snack!