E305 Feeling'Ok Grissino 150 g (3x50 g)

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Grissino Feeling'Ok 150 g (3x50 g)

Discover the low carb and keto Grissino to enjoy with Parma ham or guacamole or whatever else you feel like doing! With:

  • 4g of carbs per 50g bag of grissino
  • 15g of fiber
  • 19g of protein

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Who is this product for?

These Grissino low carb can perfectly be consumed by diabetics or overweight people. If you suffer from diabetes, this low glycemic index diet product will allow you to easily control your blood sugar. Low in carbohydrates and without refined sugar, these very tasty Grissino will bring crunch to your palate. Safe for your health, since they contain no chemical sweeteners, you can indulge yourself at snack time or meal time.

If you are on a sugar-free diet to ensure weight loss, these low carb Grissino are just what you need. Low in calories and tasty, you can accompany them with slices of raw ham or any savory treats you fancy. Without any risk of weight gain, whether you are on a low carb diet or a keto diet, you can really enjoy yourself. Indeed, it is not because you have to keep your figure, that you cannot allow yourself a little gourmet break. So, you can say goodbye to your frustration and discover these Italian specialties, which will bring crunch to many preparations. Also, while avoiding excess pounds, you will be able to bite into these tasty little baguettes.

Where to buy these Grissino low carb?

You can place your order for Grissino low carb directly on our diabetic food store. Indeed, for your health, it is essential to eat balanced and healthy. Also, we have taken care to select the best keto products, without aspartame or other chemical sweeteners. These low carb foods are suitable for anyone who wants to eat without added sugar and without industrial ingredients. In a few clicks of the mouse, you can therefore order all your products.


Wheat protein (gluten), oat protein, rice protein, egg albumin, wheat fiber, acacia fiber, extra virgin olive oil, natural yeast, salt, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, E471.

Par portion de 50 g
176 Kcal / 737 kJ
6 g
saturated fatty acids
3 g
4 g
of which sugars
0.5 g
15 g
19 g
0.68 g

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