HH202 Feeling Ok Crostino cheese 50 g

VAT included
5/ 5

Crostino cheese Feeling Ok 50 g

Delicious little low carb cheese croutons with :

(1 serving = 1 50g bag)

  • 4g of carbs per 50g bag
  • 14g of fiber
  • 20g of protein

Our Take: Ideal ,for livening up and adding crunchy flavor to salads and soups. Perfect for low carb diet and ketogenic diet.

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Who is this product for?

These delicious low carb cheese croutons can be firstly consumed by diabetics. Indeed, very low in carbohydrates, containing neither refined sugar nor chemical sweetener, you will be able to control your diabetes without any problem. Thanks to this low glycemic index, nothing will force you to deprive yourself of good things to keep your glycemia under control. Also, if you want to make your soup or even your salad more gourmet, these cheese croutons are perfect for a low carb diet.

If you have decided to start a weight loss with a sugar free diet, these little low carb cheese croutons are what you need. Indeed, it is not because you are on a diet that you should deprive yourself of all delicacies. Especially because often, when following a keto diet or any other type of diet, frustration is often the result. We quickly find ourselves eating the same thing over and over again to avoid feeling guilty about the slightest deviation. This will no longer be the case with these very tasty cheese croutons. Your soups and salads will find a real gourmet and crunchy taste thanks to these high quality diet products.

Where to buy these low carb croutons?

If you are looking for low carb cheese croutons, you will find them on our online diabetic food store. Indeed, we are specialized in distance selling of keto products that we have selected with the greatest care. All our low carb foods are healthy because they do not contain any chemical sweeteners such as aspartame, which are very harmful to your health. Thus, you will be able to eat in a more balanced way but still leave room for greediness.

Store in a cool and dry place.

187 kcal / 783 kj
7 g
saturated fatty acids
2.5 g
4 g
of which sugars
0.5 g
Net carbs
4 g
14 g
20 g
0.68 g
Average nutritional values
Par sachet 50 g

Wheat protein (gluten), oat protein, rice protein, wheat fiber, acacia fiber, parmesan (5%), extra virgin olive oil, natural yeast, salt, emulsifier: E471, sunflower lecithin.

contains gluten

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