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Keto chips, for healthy and crunchy appetizers

What foods do you miss the most when following a ketogenic diet? If, like 8 out of 10 French people, you like to eat potato chips regularly, you'll finally be able to satisfy your appetite with a clear conscience. With their low carbohydrate content, keto chips let you reconnect with the pleasure of appetizers without guilt!

The interest of keto chips compared to traditional chips

While traditional chips provide mainly carbohydrates and lipids, keto chips favor ingredients of high nutritional quality. Thus, they incorporate fiber and protein through the use of potato substitutes such as peas, beans, nuts, soybeans or cabbage.

These natural plants provide essential amino acids for maintaining muscle mass, but also soluble and insoluble fiber that helps keep a good transit.

Low in carbohydrates, and particularly in rapidly assimilated sugars, ketogenic chips avoid the usual glycemic spike that follows the ingestion of conventional chips. Balancing blood sugar levels keeps weight stable and energy levels consistent.

What types of ketogenic chips are there?

The variety of low-carb chip types will make you want to try them all. To munch on in front of a show, to take on a picnic, to slip into your bag as a snack, or to dip in homemade guacamole, there's a size for every craving.

Here are the main lines of ketogenic chips:

  • traditional chips, round and thin;

  • keto nachos in a convenient dipping format;

  • puffed chips, crisp and airy;

  • crispy, thick and savory saltines.

Keto chips: varied and indulgent tastes

Following a restrictive diet can lead to frustration. The low-carb ketogenic or diabetic diet excludes many high-sugar foods such as snack cookies.

To get back to the pleasure of eating while keeping your blood sugar under control, opt for keto chips in the flavor of your choice. Flavors include cheese chips, pizza-flavored crunchy bites, barbecue chips, high-protein spicy nachos, and more.

Are you vegan or vegetarian and miss cheese chips? Find also references of ketogenic appetizers without animal products, with a good taste of parmesan or gruyere cheese and low carbohydrates.

Why buy low carb chips on Délices Low Carb?

Specialist in ketogenic food, Délices Low Carb offers a wide selection of the best low carb products. Because modern life is sometimes difficult to reconcile with following a sugar-free diet, you'll appreciate the convenience of keto chips for your snacks or meals on the go.

Whether you're an athlete paying attention to your plate, a diabetic looking to balance your food intake, or simply concerned about eating well, find a healthy, protein-rich alternative to replace your snacks or snacks.