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Délices Low Carb, a leading French grocery shop, offers you a wide choice of keto friendly products.

Our commitment is to offer you certified low-carb, keto, sugar-free products, so that you can follow and live your diet serenely, without depriving yourself of the pleasures of the table.

  • The low carb diet: to drastically reduce the hidden sugars found in many, many supermarket products.
  • The ketogenic diet (known as the keto diet, a diet rich in fat and very low in sugars and carbohydrates.)
  • The diet for people diabetics
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After testing many low-calorie, restrictive, painful diets, the ketogenic diet or keto diet breaks the codes of traditional diets.

People with diabetes are well aware of this since they have to constantly pay attention to their blood sugar. Indeed, because of diabetes, it is not uncommon to have to deprive oneself in order to eat only low carbohydrate foods. An approach that is not as easy as one might think, when you find yourself in the jungle of supermarkets.

Thanks to our specialized shop online, we accompany you in putting your keto diet into practice by offering you keto friendly products and a bookstore composed of explanatory books or recipes to help you put the keto diet into practice.

We have selected the most innovative brands from around the world to offer you a wide choice of keto friendly, low carb products of high quality so that you can take care of your health while eating healthy and with pleasure. All the products in the shop are suitable for diabetics.


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The state of ketosis:

The state of ketosis is a metabolic state during which the body no longer uses glucose as fuel, but will draw energy from fats converted by the liver into ketone bodies. Your body will adopt this functioning and produce ketone bodies only if you force it to do so.


How to enter a state of ketosis

It is common to read that in order to enter ketosis, it is necessary to adhere to a specific amount of macronutrients: 70-80% fat 20-25% protein 5-10% carbohydrates. While these ratios do allow for a state of ketosis, they are not criteria for defining a ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet is a diet that allows a state of ketosis, and this state of ketosis can be achieved with a lower percentage of fat and a higher percentage of carbohydrates. Here are some guidelines for carbohydrate restriction depending on the objectives (health, slimming, fitness) and physical activity. NB: the ease or otherwise of entering ketosis can also totally disrupt these guidelines. Some people manage to enter ketosis with a simple low carb diet.


First step, carbohydrate restriction is determined.

Three main types of carbohydrate restriction:

  • - Strict: 15-25g of carbohydrates/day (making sure to smooth out the carbohydrate intake over the day). This mainly concerns people wishing to boost their transition into ketosis, people wishing to lose weight, people who are rather intolerant to carbohydrates and who beyond that will have difficulty seeing ketosis set in.
  • - The moderate: 25 to 50 g of carbohydrates/day (making sure to smooth out the carbohydrate intake over the day). This is the most classic ketogenic diet, the one followed by most people suffering from pathologies or who wish to maintain their weight while capitalizing on their health. Note, however, that some people can lose weight with it and that it is therefore unnecessary for them to switch to the strict version of the diet.
  • - The flexible one: up to 80-100g of carbohydrates/day (making sure to smooth out the carbohydrate intake over the day). It is more appropriate for athletes and people wishing to maintain their weight and capitalize on their health.

In its vegetarian version, the ketogenic diet is a little more permissive on the amount of carbohydrates allowed than in its meat version. Being too restrictive on the amount of carbohydrates consumed prevents adequate protein intake.

  • - from 20 to 30 g/day. To speed up the transition to ketosis, lose weight, and for those who have difficulty seeing ketosis set in beyond 30g of carbs per day;
  • - from 30 to 50 g/day. This is the most classic format, the one followed by most people who suffer from a medical condition or who wish to maintain their weight while optimising their health. Some people manage to lose weight with this ratio;
  • - up to 80-100 g/day. For athletes, as well as for people who easily go into ketosis and want to maintain their weight and optimize their health.

For pregnant women: As a general rule, in pregnancy, a ketogenic diet can provide:

  • - from 30g of carbohydrates per day in the first trimester;
  • - from 40/50 g per day in the second trimester;
  • - from 50 to 60 g of carbohydrates in the last trimester/day;

(taking care to smooth out the carbohydrate intake over the day).

Step two, we determine the ratio to follow


What is a ketogenic ratio? It's the amount of fat (fats) consumed, compared to the amount of protein + carbs consumed

A 1:1 ratio (1 part fat to 1 part carbohydrate+protein): relates more to slimming or fitness goals.
A 2:1 ratio (2 parts fat to 1 part carbohydrate+protein): suitable for slimming or fitness goals but also in the context of certain cancers where there is a need for associated weight loss or in the context of cancers of the digestive system, associated glands or organs with elimination functions.

Step three: the daily amount of protein is determined


  • In a slimming objective: 1 g/kg of body weight.
  • In a health goal: 0.8 to 1.2 g/kg body weight. To be determined with a health professional.

In the context of cancer or neurodegenerative pathology:

  • If there is no undernutrition: maximum 0.8 g/kg body weight;
  • If there is a sign of undernutrition (i.e. a blood albumin level between 30 and 35 g/l - without associated elevated CRP): 1 g/kg body weight with particular attention to increasing the proportion of vegetable protein;
  • If there is moderate undernutrition (i.e. blood albumin level between 25 and 30 g/l - without associated high CRP): 1 g/kg body weight.
  • If there is severe undernutrition (i.e. associated albumin blood level below 25 g/l - without associated elevated CRP): 1 g/kg to 1.2 g or even 1.4 g/kg body weight.

This protein dosage is transient, the time to raise albumin levels only. For a pregnant woman:

  • In the first trimester: 0.8 g /kg body weight.
  • In the second trimester: 1 g/kg body weight.
  • In the third trimester: 1.2 g/kg body weight.

How to get into ketosis

To enter ketosis quickly, you can fast for a day or be rather strict on the amount of carbohydrates not to exceed: 20 g on average per day maximum in order to promote the passage of the body into ketosis. But this fasting or strict carbohydrate content is not essential. It is not recommended in certain cases, for example in the case of cancer when there has been a significant loss of muscle mass. You can be in ketosis without going through this stage. After a few days (the number varies from person to person), you will be in ketosis. During these few days you may experience unpleasant symptoms, called ketogenic flu, which signal that your body is gradually going into ketosis. So their presence is a pretty good sign.


How do you know when you're in ketosis?

With urine strips. When the urine contains ketones, the strip changes colour and a colour chart is used to determine whether the level is low, moderate or high. The urine test is done in the early evening (never after strenuous exercise or after drinking a large amount of water). The most important thing is that the strip changes colour. These tests are especially useful at the beginning of the diet. With a blood glucose ketone meter.


More expensive but also more reliable, this device measures both the sugar and ketone levels in the blood. This test is to be done on rising. Except in cases of epilepsy, you will not need extreme accuracy to measure your ketosis level. If you are on the diet because of a medical condition, your doctor may prescribe a blood glucose and ketone meter. If the ketone meter shows a number between 0.5 and 3 mmol/L, it means that you should be in ketosis. It is only important to achieve ketosis = or = 2.6 mmol in the case of cancer or degenerative disease. In the context of weight loss and health maintenance, it is unnecessary. Just because you are going to be in very high ketosis does not mean you will lose more weight. You can be in ketosis at 3 mmol and still maintain your weight, or even gain weight. This will be the case if you follow too strong a ketogenic ratio, adding too much fat to your diet. Your body will only use this fat to make ketones and will not dip into your reserves. It is said that blood sugar levels should be below 4.4 mmol/l or 80mg/dl and that above this threshold, the sugar level is too high and the metabolism considers it as its main source of energy. However, this is not true for everyone. The blood sugar test is done when you get up and the morning blood sugar level when you get up is always higher due to the dawn phenomenon.

The body releases hormones, such as cortisol, adrenaline and growth hormone, which prepare the body to wake up. These hormones promote glucose secretion by the liver in addition to interfering with the action of insulin, which can raise blood sugar levels. This phenomenon is more or less marked depending on the person. Even if it is very pronounced, this does not prevent you from being in ketosis and carbo-loading with ketone bodies. What proves it to you? You are eating low carbohydrates, your meter does show a ketone body presence and you are in great shape, with state of well-being, good concentration and clarity of mind.


There are a few machines that calculate ketosis levels using breath. Somewhat on the same main as an alcohol level tester using breath. Their use is controversial.


- Magali Walkowicz

The benefits of the keto diet:

Weight loss

The Keto diet or ceto which is also known as the ketogenic diet, is a diet that is low in carbohydrates, high in fat which is the essential fuel for the body and brain.

The body, deprived of carbohydrates, will draw on its "glycogen" reserves (carbohydrates that are fixed in the muscles and liver). When these reserves are depleted, the body will naturally use lipids (fats) to produce energy, ketone bodies. The body is then in a state of "ketosis". A decrease in appetite is felt, and, initially, a loss of water is noticeable.


Thus, by limiting the glycemic intake and focusing on fatty foods, it is possible to ensure good weight loss on a daily basis without frustration.

Suitable for people with diabetes

This type of diet is indeed perfectly suited to diabetics who favour low-carb products to control blood sugar levels.

What about the pleasure of the taste buds?

Low Carb Delights offers products sweetened naturally or sweetened with stevia, erythritol which are sweeteners that are not intended to raise blood sugar. Also, the shop is perfectly adapted to diabetics, the products are rigorously selected among the products with [MYLOVELYPAQUES] the lowest carbohydrate content in the world market.


Our keto friendly grocery shop thus offers quality alternatives to traditional sweet products (biscuits, cakes, breads, chocolate, croissants etc). It is, in fact, once again possible for diabetics to consume gourmet products without risking violent blood sugar spikes.

Our fight is to make sure that our products are as healthy as possible.

Our fight is to offer people with diabetes beautiful alternatives to live the disease more serenely, adding the little touch of greediness at the end of a meal or as a snack with family or at work.

Suitable for social and family life

We challenge you to make a 100% keto appetizer or dessert for your friends or family by fooling everyone about the ingredients used, the taste and the carbohydrate content of the prepared food or drink offered!

A Revolution!

Thanks to your online shop specialising in Délices Low Carb keto products, you can offer your children choice alternatives for their breakfast or snack and enjoy special moments with your friends.

Special Products

Low Carb Delights: Combining pleasure, food awareness and delicious recipes is now possible!

Thanks to our specialised grocery shop in which you will find a wide selection of low-carb products, you will discover that it is really possible to combine food awareness while focusing on pleasure!


In fact, thanks to our keto community on instagram, which we invite you to follow closely, and thanks to our experience, we have selected the excellence of keto products to best ensure your satisfaction. Don't think that low carb foods low in carbs and without refined sugar are not tasty. Quite the contrary!

Find delicious keto, sugar-free recipes suitable for diabetics in the section:"specialised bookstore" of the shop but also on the instagram accounts of @lapaulinaa, @ceto_vie, @monsieurketo: the renowned influencers who cook the Délices Low Carb products like real chefs! (by the way @monsieurketo participated in the Top Chef 2020 show! ).

Do you have any questions? For example about foods like avocado, calories, or how to put a ketogenic diet into practice with your family and professional life? What we call "keto pro" for those who eat at work. You will find the answers through the articles on our blog.


In addition we regularly offer deal code low carb delicacies via our Instagram account.

As you can see, getting back to a normal social life or starting your keto diet or living it on a daily basis can now be done without frustration with the right support!

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