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Sugar Free Syrup

Find in this category the Délices Low Carb offer of sugar free syrups compatible with ketogenic and low carb diet.



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Sugar-free syrup

Syrup is used for many dessert or drink recipes, but it is not suitable for a sugar-free, low carb or keto diet. Its sugar content being way too high! Délices Low Carb has set aside a range of healthy and alternative products perfect for replacing your syrups while respecting your diet and having just as much fun!

What is a sugar free syrup? 

A syrup is said to be sugar-free when it contains no or very little sugar, i.e. sucrose, glucose or fructose. Most traditional syrups are composed mainly of these sugars (about 70 grams of sugars per hundred grams). Sugar is becoming more and more controversial, and manufacturers are gradually replacing it with sweeteners. Sugar-free syrups are the result of these researches and studies. The recipe of a sugar-free syrup is similar to the one of a traditional syrup with one detail: the sweetener. The classic white sugar in the syrup is replaced by a sweetener (i.e. a natural sweetener such as Xylitol, Stevia, Sukrin...). Finally, this liquid will get its syrupy texture thanks to products such as guar gum or even xanthan gum.

The different flavors of sugar-free syrup

Sugar-free syrups are used in two situations: either diluted in water as a drink, or to garnish desserts. 

Ideal as a muesli or dessert topping, caramel, vanilla or chocolate syrups will add an unmistakable sweetness. You can also opt for the taste of fruit with a sugar-free apple flavor, strawberry flavor or lemon flavor syrup.

In the kitchen, if you want to liven up your desserts, Délices Low Carb has selected flavors with a more gourmet aroma: 

- sugar-free syrups maple syrup flavor

- topping syrups chocolate, vanilla, coffee or caramel flavor

- red fruit flavored syrups to accompany keto pancakes or crepes

Who can consume sugar-free syrups? 

These zero sugar syrups are for anyone who wants to decrease their daily sugar intake. This includes people who have adopted a low carb, keto, sugar free diet or even people with diabetes or obesity. The reviews of individuals who are already customers of our website will be able to guide you in your first purchase of sugar free syrup product. 

The products sold by Délices Low Carb are available for delivery (while stocks last). This delivery is free in a relay point from 70€ of purchase: you save on the price of your sugar free syrups products!