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Sugar-free chocolate

A whole range of sugar-free stevia chocolate bars that are dietetic and delicious and fit in with the sugar-free diet and the no-carb diet.

Sugar-free chocolate for diabetics and overweight people

Just because you suffer from diabetes or are overweight, doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a few little healthy treats. Indeed, chocolate is one of those little treats that we love for a sweet break. As part of a keto diet or even a low carb diet, it is therefore possible to consume sugar-free chocolate. So, while taking care of your health, you can indulge in this little treat without refined sugar and containing healthy sweeteners and a big dose of cacao. So find out everything you need to know about keto chocolate and its many benefits.

What is sugar-free chocolate?

It's important to know that industrial chocolates are often saturated with bad fats, saccarose and even additives. So if you are a health conscious person or you are diabetic or overweight, you will be able to find an alternative. The sugar free chocolate contains no added sugar and has a high cocoa and cocoa butter content. What's more, these chocolate bars are sweetened with Stevia, to give you a real taste treat with every bite. Indeed, Stevia is a natural sweetener extracted from a plant, which has a sweetness three times more effective than white sugar. But above all, this natural sugar, even when consumed in large quantities, will prevent you from taking in many calories. This is why sugar-free chocolate sweetened with Stevia or even erythritol will allow you to succumb to all your greedy cravings without raising your glycemic index or even without gaining weight. Especially since sugar-free chocolate is even tastier than the industrial chocolate you can find in supermarkets. So you won't have to restrict yourself or get frustrated to bite into a really tasty chocolate square to fill up on sweetness.

Sugar-free chocolate for effective weight loss

Often, as part of a diet, chocolate is either banned or allowed in very restricted quantities. Yet, for a quick weight loss on a sugar-free diet, it is possible to indulge in some cravings. Indeed, sugar-free chocolate is the perfect food to give yourself a gourmet break during the day without taking in calories. We often forget that dark chocolate is very good for our health and that we should not deprive ourselves of it, even if we follow a carbohydrate-free diet. Indeed, just because you are on a sugar-free diet does not mean you have to cut out all sugars. This type of keto diet aims to ban refined sugars, such as white sugar, which only provide calories and no benefit to the body. Moreover, they can lead to much more serious problems such as obesity or cardiovascular disease. Also, the sugar-free diet for overweight ordiabetic people aims to remove all industrial sugars and return to a healthy diet based on slow sugars and low in carbs. Thus, these low carb foods will allow you to regain a low glycemic index while limiting the intake of bad carbohydrates in the body. Thus, you will be able to ensure weight loss effectively and quickly while enjoying the keto pleasures and keeping your diabetes under control as best as possible. This is why sugar-free chocolate proves to be the best alternative to the basic dark chocolate. It can be easily found in a diabetic food store or even specialized in selling keto products.

The benefits of sugar-free chocolate

Sugar-free chocolate is also known for its many benefits on the body. With no refined or added sugar, this chocolate is one hundred percent natural so that you can preserve your health, especially as part of a low carb diet. Indeed, this type of chocolate is known to be a powerful antidepressant to gently restore your mood. Moreover, thanks to its high magnesium content, you can also effectively fight against stress which can really make your daily life difficult. What's more, there's nothing more pleasant than being around a good bar of sugar-free chocolate that you can enjoy with a cup of coffee. This way, both young and old can enjoy this natural chocolate without white or refined sugar. You can forget the calories and still enjoy a little chocolate whenever you feel like it. So whether you suffer from diabetes, are overweight or want to eat healthier, sugar free chocolate is the reference you need.

Sugar free chocolate to satisfy all cravings

In order to cater for all tastes, there is a wide variety of sugar free chocolate. So, if you're more into dark or milk chocolate, plain or with almonds or hazelnuts, you're sure to find something to suit your taste. In diabetic food shops or shops specialising in low carb foods, you will be able to find many chocolate bars. Not to mention that you can also be seduced by cocoa cream with hazelnuts or chocolate powder. So you can spread your toast at breakfast time while enjoying a tasty cup of chocolate. Without taking a single calorie and while keeping a low glycemic index, you will be able to succumb to all your greedy cravings. These healthy pleasures can be consumed without moderation and without guilt. It's up to you to choose from these wide ranges of sugar-free chocolate to indulge in a piece of tasty and totally natural chocolate with complete certainty. Say yes to sugar free chocolate without delay!

During a break at work, to melt in a good coffee or in front of a good movie, crack on, it's allowed!




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Sugar-free chocolate

Generally speaking, chocolate is considered to be banned from the diet when you want to eat healthy. The reality is quite different: if it is chosen without sugar, chocolate is a very interesting food from a nutritional point of view. Here are some explanations about sugar-free chocolate.

Sugar-free chocolate, a simple recipe

The key ingredient of chocolate is cocoa. Cocoa is the powder obtained after grinding the cocoa bean, previously roasted. Cocoa is not a problem in a sugar-free diet because it shows less than 2g of sugar per 100g. A dark chocolate with 99% cocoa is moreover almost sugar free. The problem is elsewhere...

A sugar-free chocolate bar is very similar to classic chocolate with one detail: the sweetener. To get sugar-free chocolate, it is not sugar that is added to the cocoa, but a sweetener. The sweetener can vary from one bar to another because there are many of them, such as maltitol or stevia. This results in a chocolate with very little or no sugar, but just as greedy.

If you have other dietary constraints than sugar, know that there is also natural, organic, gluten-free sugar-free chocolate.

Who is sugar-free chocolate for? 

Sugar-free chocolate, like any sugar-free product, is aimed at different profiles:

  • People with diabetes

  • People on a Low Carb diet

  • People wanting to lose pounds on the scale

  • People on a keto diet

  • People wanting to reduce their daily sugar intake

The occasions during which to consume sugar-free chocolate are numerous. Melted in a double boiler, it can be incorporated into all your cake and cookie recipes. In bar format, sugar-free chocolate makes an ideal snack to take anywhere. An assortment of several chocolates with various recipes is ideal for tasting as you like. In the form of a gift box, sugar-free chocolates will delight the gourmet palates of your loved ones. Finally, during the Easter holidays you will be able to please and indulge yourself without guilt with suitable chocolates!

The selection of sugar-free chocolates from Délices Low Carb

In order to make your purchases easier, Délices Low Carb has selected for you sugar-free chocolates with varied recipes at mini prices. So you can find on this page:

  • sugar free chocolate bars

  • zero sugar milk chocolate bags

  • zero sugar white chocolate assortments

  • no added sugar dark chocolate boxes

  • many embellished chocolate bars (hazelnuts, almonds, praline. ..)

The products in stock at the Délices Low Carb store are all available for delivery (free delivery from 70€ purchase).

If you are a fan of chocolate flavor in all its forms, don't hesitate to take a look at our range of sugar-free spreads.