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Sugar-free drinks

Sugar is increasingly under scrutiny because of its addictive and dangerous nature: consumed in large quantities, it is bad for your health and increases, for example, the risk of developing diabetes. Beverages are often forgotten when we look at the amount of sugar ingested during the day, yet they can represent a large part of this intake. Water remains the most economical and healthy sugar-free drink, but it's essential to indulge in a variety of sugar-free beverages from time to time.

Cold Sugar-Free Beverages

Among the most sugary drinks, cold drinks get the gold medal. Sodas, because of their industrial recipes based on preservatives and sugar, are to be banned in any sugar-free, keto, low carb diet or for people with diabetes. These sodas have existed for a few years in zero, light or sugar-free versions, but their composition and manufacturing conditions remain significant problems. 

Alternatives exist: cold drinks without sugar (soda, smoothie, syrup ...). Their recipes are varied, apart from their only common point: the absence of sugar. This sugar is replaced by sweeteners, having the role of natural sweetener, while providing zero grams (or almost) of carbohydrates. 

You will therefore find on this page, a selection of cold drinks without sugar:

- light soda, also called sugar-free soda, flavored with a wide variety of flavors: fruit (lemon, orange, strawberry ...), but also mint or cola flavor.

- sugar-free fruit and milk smoothie (many recipes exist).

Sugar-free alcoholic beverages

When we embark on a sugar-free, low carb or keto diet, we sometimes fear that we will no longer be able to enjoy a drink as an aperitif. Indeed, having a drink with friends, colleagues or family is a behavior linked to pleasure that is very rooted in our society. You don't have to write off these moments, because sugar-free alcoholic beverages exist. 

There are many recipes for sugar-free drinks containing alcohol. First of all, there is the famous cocktail, for which often the recipe is simple: an alcohol of your choice mixed with a juice, soda or syrup. Whether it is with fruit (punch for example) or mint (mojito among others), the cocktail is a sugar bomb for the body because of its recipe. 

Here is an example of a mojito recipe without sugar, so that you no longer deprive yourself at the aperitif (but always in moderation! ) :

  • crushed ice

  • fresh mint

  • lemon juice

  • sparkling water

  • sweetener of your choice

There are also sugar-free beers and wines to accompany your meals. You can find a selection on our website. 

Sugar-free hot drinks

The iconic morning drink, the hot drink, can also be very high in carbohydrates. The number of hot drink recipes is considerable: coffee, latte, hot chocolate, tea... All of these drinks have their sugar-free versions and you'll have no trouble incorporating them into your diet. 

As you will have understood, the products on this page are all sugar-free and suitable for people with diabetes, ketogenic, low carb or sugar-free diet.