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Keto Tortilla and Wraps - Ketogenic

Following a low-carb (ketogenic or low-carb) Keto diet doesn't always mean spending a lot of time in the kitchen preparing good-for-you meals. When there's no time to prepare balanced meals, junk food can be too tempting. What if we told you that you can cook in a quick and easy way without leaving your Keto diet?

Many quick recipes to make with low carb wheat patties are available on Délices Low Carb. Tortilla, Wraps, both hot and cold. 

Why choose Tortillas as well as Keto Wraps?

Like bread, the glycemic load of industrial Tortillas is high. We reference about 21g of carbohydrates in a traditional tortilla versus 4g of carbohydrates for a Keto delightslowcarb tortilla. Although they contain wheat flour and are not gluten free, their low carb content makes them a perfect fit for a Keto diet. For a low-carb Tortilla it is possible to also find products based on:

  • Flaxseed flour
  • Coconut flour (whith coconut flour)
  • Corn flour

Giving yourself a treat while eating yes, but at what price? Both on a diet for weight loss and on a program based on a healthy diet, Carbohydrates are to be consumed sparingly. Even more so on a ketogenic and low carb diet. On the site you can find a wide selection of products that will awaken your taste buds and culinary imagination. 

Tortillas, Wraps: what sauce to eat them with?

Whether hot or cold, savory or sweet, Tortillas and Wraps will invite themselves into your kitchen. For the lovers of quick cooking, these products will be able to make your life easier. 

No need to make the dough, buy the machine to flatten your tortillas, the patties are already ready to use and available directly for consumption at déliceslowcarb. 

On the other hand if you prefer to make them yourself it is possible to order the powdered preparation from Adams Brot. A little bit of water, some elbow grease and you can eat real homemade Wraps. 

If you lack inspiration for your recipes it is also possible to find some on the site. To make them not need many ingredients:

For Tortillas:

This traditional Mexican dish is usually high in carbohydrates but with keto tortillas, it becomes ideal for weight loss. Just add:

A few minutes in the microwave, oven or pan with a little oil or butter and you're set for a hot dish. No need for a lot of preparation or cooking this easy to make dish just begs to be enjoyed. 

For Wraps

To be eaten cold you can add:

  • Salad
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Salmon

This fresh and savory recipe will be able to relieve small hunger throughout the day and especially low glycemic load. 

His sweet version is just as feasible. 

  • Chocolate keto (spread)
  • Coconut shavings
  • Fruit (strawberries, raspberries)

You can embellish the recipe at your convenience according to your cravings for your breakfast, your snack or even for your desserts. Gluttony is not always a bad thing. 

Delicatessen Low Carb Tortillas and Wraps

Finding low carb foods is not always a simple task. That's why déliceslowcarb offers different products so that you can be satisfied and in all its forms.

If you prefer speed and use ready-made Tortillas or Wraps you will find:

On the other hand for those who still like to cook more it will be able to make their own Wraps thanks to the powdered preparation:

To your Tortillas!

Diversifying one's diet during a diet is essential. Monotony is very often the cause of giving up. Feelings of deprivation, frustration have a direct impact on your willpower. Whatever the reason or motivation for your diet, whether it is for weight loss or to rebalance your diet, enjoying what you eat is a necessity. Tortillas as well as Wraps will bring a non-guilty pleasure to your menus.