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Find in this category the offer Délices Low Carb of sugar free keto and low carb candies that can be integrated into a ketogenic or low carb diet.

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Sugar Free Candy

Candy...that candy that kids and adults love! There are a multitude of reasons why you may want to eat sugar-free candy. In fact, the sugar-free diet is becoming more and more embraced as studies showing the dangers of sugars surface. In addition to the addiction generated, classic candies are very caloric and make the glycemia rise in a record time. Délices Low Carb has selected a range of sugar-free candies for a sweet pleasure... without sugar!

The sugar-free candy: a candy with sweeteners

In order to obtain a sugar-free candy, we substitute the classic sucrose by a sweetener. There are several of them, here is a non-exhaustive list:

- Erythritol

- Stevia

- Xylitol

- Inulin

- Sukrin

Sweeteners are natural additives that allow to give the candy its sweet taste, while keeping the carbohydrate content very low, or even zero. The products sold on this page are all available for delivery (depending on available stock) and at the best price! 

Who are sugar free candies for? 

Sugar-free candy is usually purchased and consumed by people with diabetes (especially younger people). Nevertheless, any bag of candy purchased on our site will be perfectly suitable for anyone who is careful about the amount of sugar ingested during the day: low carb diet, keto diet, sugar free diet or anyone who wants to indulge without guilt!

The different flavors of sugar free candy

When it comes to candy, everyone has their own preferences. According to your wishes, you will find on this page a list of candies suitable for your sweet tooth:

- Sugar-free fruit candies (strawberry, apple, lemon... )

- Sugar-free mints

- Sugar-free chocolate soft candies

- Sugar-free caramel sucking candies

- Sugar-free lemon gummies

- Sugar-free coffee creamer candies

If it's not the flavor that varies, it can be the shape! Thus, fans of lollipops, jelly beans (gum) or even chewing gum (mint, strawberry ...) will find their account. You can also buy products similar to those of Ricola or Haribo brands, but in sugar-free version. So you can have sugar-free cola flavored jelly beans delivered for a tangy flavor without carbs, fruit lollipops to vary the pleasures, gums in the form of rolls with licorice flavor or even mint flavored lozenges to suck for a fresh breath without causing a blood sugar spike. 

For more pleasure, and according to your wishes, Délice Low Carb also offers a selection of sugar-free cookies, sugar-free drinks and even sweeteners on the adapted product pages.