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Croissants protéinés

Délices low carb vous propose ici sa gamme de croissants protéinés

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Protein croissants

The croissant is a pastry made with a flaky, butter-rich yeast dough in a recognizable croissant shape. The ingredients in the croissant dough recipe are not many: wheat flour, butter, sugar, milk and yeast. These ingredients are low in protein and this can be a problem for people who want to watch their daily protein intake. Although quite different from a traditional croissant, the protein croissant allows you to keep those moments of pleasure while taking care of your body and your diet, just like a protein bar.

The protein croissant, a slimming croissant

As part of a diet, weight loss or a high-protein diet such as the keto diet, the protein croissant is a real solution to indulge in moments of indulgence without giving up your goals. Indeed, an average traditional croissant contains about 300 calories, against about 180 calories for a protein croissant sold on Délices Low Carb. It is therefore a real ally in the context of dietary rebalancing because it allows you to continue to enjoy yourself and to maintain your breakfast habits. Moreover, a protein croissant has the advantage of not being too fatty and very sweet. This helps to lose weight and regain its thinness.

The nutritional interest of protein croissants

In addition to being much healthier than conventional croissants, protein croissants can also be enriched in fiber or vitamin. This makes the gourmet snack or breakfast a true diet meal. If you have to follow a low-carb diet but still want to eat a high-protein diet, don't panic, the protein croissant is also available without keto. Similarly, in case of vegan dietary practices, the protein croissants can also be adapted by replacing butter and milk with vegetable fats (various oils).

The range of protein croissants Délices Low Carb

Délices Low Carb has selected for you several protein croissants suitable for all those wishing to increase their intake of protein and reduce carbohydrates in their diet. We offer sweet croissants to dip in your favorite hot drinks:

- all-chocolate or chocolate chip protein croissant

- plain croissant enriched with protein

- protein chocolate bread

But also salty croissants, which are perfect for those who like more of a salty breakfast but don't want to consume only bread. A salty protein croissant can be topped with ham or turkey for more protein! Despite their salty flavor, these protein croissants have a low salt content, always with health in mind.

Thanks to our online store, you can enjoy gourmet and healthy breakfasts by buying one or more protein croissants at the best price. In addition, the delivery of your package of croissants is offered from 70€ of purchase !