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Protein muffins

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Protein muffins

The delicious individual cupcakes quite similar to the madeleine are called muffins. The composition of a muffin batter is composed of flour, eggs, milk or yogurt, butter, sugar and yeast (chemical or not), making it a recipe of little nutritional interest. Protein muffins are therefore a good solution in order to remedy this problem and continue to consume muffins while paying attention to its nutritional intake, especially in terms of protein.

Who consumes protein muffins?

Before asking who can consume protein muffins, it is necessary to question the role of protein in the body. Protein is called a family of macronutrient essential and being the basis of any living organism, like the human body. Allowing the renewal of muscle tissue, skin, hair or bones, proteins are essential and must be consumed in sufficient quantities to maintain good health. Protein muffins will therefore be perfect for people wishing to:

- increase their protein intake

- facilitate their muscle development

- lose fat

- adopt a healthy lifestyle

In parallel to the protein level, sportsmen are also interested in their calorie intake during the day and the amount of carbohydrates present in their plate. This is why the protein muffins sold on Délices Low Carb are all low in carbohydrates and are also suitable for a ketogenic, low carb or diabetic diet.

The recipe for a protein muffin

You will find a multitude of protein muffin recipes on the web. What all these recipes have in common is the addition of protein and the reduction or elimination of carbohydrate-rich ingredients. To do this, we avoid traditional flour and replace it with a flour richer in protein, such as lupine flour (40 grams of protein per hundred grams), peanut flour (45 grams of protein per hundred grams) or flaxseed flour (35 grams of protein per hundred grams). In order to further increase the protein content, the recipe is usually completed by adding additional plant proteins such as milk protein, pea protein or rice protein.

Finally, on the sweet side, the protein muffin is also intended to be low carb, that is, low in carbohydrates. So we replace the classic sugar with a sweetener to lower the kcal!

Protein muffins selected by Délices Low Carb

On our online store you will find the tastiest protein muffins at the best price and for all tastes :

- chocolate protein muffin (cocoa)

- protein muffin batter powder preparation (just add the liquid ingredients and perform the baking step in the kitchen)

- oat-based protein muffins

- protein-enriched peanut butter muffins

- healthy coffee-flavored muffins

- fruit protein muffins (apple, banana, applesauce, berries. ..)

And many more!