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Délices low carb offers you biscuits both keto and high in protein

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What are the types of protein cookies?

A protein cookie is one that contains at least 13 grams of protein per 100 grams. Generally, it also contains a good amount of fiber for very little carbohydrates.

Protein cookies come in all shapes and sizes to accompany sportsmen's fun snacks. Whether you're more of a fan of chocolate chip cookie, cupcake, mugcake, plumcake or cereal bar or dried fruit, you're bound to find the protein cookie you need.

For flavors, chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, red fruit... All tastes are represented to vary the taste pleasures every day.

The benefits of high-protein cookies

Cookies rich in protein are particularly interesting in a high-protein diet. They promote muscle development, especially for people with a fast metabolism who have trouble meeting their caloric needs.

But protein cakes and cookies are also useful as part of a diet or low carb diet. Very low in carbohydrates, they have very little impact on your blood sugar and blood glucose levels. Result, you gain muscle without gaining fat.

Finally, protein cookies are very often rich in fiber. They therefore participate in the proper functioning of your digestion and intestinal transit.

When to enjoy your protein cookies?

There is no time to enjoy delicious protein-rich cookies. If you want to have a high protein intake first thing in the morning, they can easily double as a gourmet diet breakfast.

For athletes, high-protein cookies can also be eaten as a snack. In pre-workout (pre-workout), they will give you the energy you need to do a good session. In post-workout (post-workout), they will allow your nervous system and your muscles to recover well thanks to the proteins and fats they contain.

Finally, nothing prevents you from enjoying your cookies as a dessert after your meal. It is recommended, in particular, for people who want to gain muscle and therefore increase their calorie and protein intake as part of a low-carb diet.

Delicts Low Carb Protein Cookies

On Delicates Low Carb, we have selected for you the best protein cookies on the market. Our goal? To offer you products that meet the following 3 criteria:

  • A delicious and tasty taste.

  • A composition rich in protein and fiber.

  • Minimal sugar and carbohydrate content.

At Delicelowcarb, we believe, in fact, that taste pleasure is not incompatible with weight loss and health, quite the contrary. That's why our protein cookies have the flavor of traditional cookies, despite their high protein content.

Our protein cakes are therefore perfectly suited to a gourmet low carb diet and will allow you to reach your sports goals without depriving yourself.