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Sugar-free jams

To discover a wide choice of jams without added sugar (orange, berries, strawberry, raspberry jelly ...). Ideal for diabetics or dieters.

Sugar-free jams to indulge yourself and preserve your health

Just because you're overweight or suffer from diabetes, doesn't mean you can't indulge in a little treat every day. In fact, as part of a keto diet or a weight loss diet, sugar free jam will be your best ally. This tasty, gourmet jam has been specially designed for people who want to preserve their health or keep a low glycemic level. So find out everything you need to know about sugar-free jam and its many benefits.

Jam without refined sugar or chemical sweeteners

Taking care of your health on a daily basis is therefore first and foremost about eating in a healthy and balanced way. It is not easy to part with a small jam at breakfast time to add a little taste to your sandwiches. However, the jams sold in the shops are often made from refined sugar and decrypted sweeteners because, chemical. This is why sugar-free jam remains a natural food that you can consume without moderation. This jam does not contain any sugar because, the sweetness of the fruits is already strongly present. Only Stevia, which comes from a plant, or quality sweeteners such as erythritol, enter its composition. Indeed, these all-natural sweeteners offer a real sweetness to fruit jams but without being calorific or unhealthy. The Aspartame is in fact an artificial sweetener that is very much decried by health professionals and that is unfortunately all too often used in the manufacture of industrial jam. So, if you want to eat healthily while enjoying a little treat to start the day well, you should not hesitate to make the choice of sugar free jam.

A jam ideal in weight loss

You may have decided to start a diet to achieve a quick weight loss and get rid of those unwanted pounds. Many times we make the mistake of depriving ourselves of anything sweet for fear of taking on calories. However, in a low carb diet, it is perfectly possible to indulge in sugar free jam, among other things. There is no need to eat jam saturated with refined sugar and bad fats in order to continue enjoying your breakfast every morning. The sugar-free jam is based first of all on the very sweetness of fruits such as strawberry or even blackberry, orange and fig. In order to make it even sweeter without having to add white sugar in large quantities, all you have to do is add natural and concentrated fruit juice. So there's no need to add tons of sugar or even chemical sweeteners, as Stevia finishes the recipe. That's why nutritionists highly recommend eating sugar-free jam if you're on a sugar-free diet. This way you won't take in any calories that will store as bad fat in your thighs or belly. Thus, your traditional breakfast will turn into a diabetic breakfast, better for your health and also for your weight. You will keep your figure without having to frustrate yourself and deprive yourself of the benefits of fruit in the form of a jam that is both greedy and light.

A jam studied for people suffering from diabetes

If you are one of the diabetics, you know how important your glycemia is. So, to follow a keto diet, low in carbohydrates, while keeping a low glycemic level, sugar free jam is what you need. This range of natural products will perfectly meet your needs in order to best control your diabetes without having to deny yourself little jam-covered slices of bread. Especially if you combine your sugar-free jam with small low carb breadsprotein, you will be able to fill up on energy without having to deprive yourself of sweet treats. Added sugars are effectively replaced by quality sweeteners such as Stevia or even Erythritol. These diabetic jams lose none of their flavour as they are all about gourmet and appetising. You will taste jams where the fruits are the stars in order to savour all the taste and all the excellence. Their flavour will not be distorted or hidden by the excessive addition of refined sugar so that you can enjoy a real pleasure in the mouth. There is a wide variety of sugar free jam so that you can satisfy all your cravings and allow you to indulge while keeping your diabetes under control. From raspberry jams, through strawberry jams, rhubarb jams or even redcurrant or even orange jams, you will be more than spoilt for choice. These sugar-free jams can be eaten by adults but also by children, even diabetics. So, filling up on energy at breakfast time without gaining weight and without consuming white sugar is really possible thanks to these fruit-rich jams.

Where to buy sugar-free jam?

In a society where eating healthy is becoming a priority, it is easy to find quality sugar-free jam. For this, you can go to a diabetic food store or to a shop specialising in the sale of keto products and low carb products. In this way, you can find a wide range of sugar-free added jam so that you can indulge without guilt and according to your desires. You'll enjoy having breakfast again, even if you want to lose weight or watch your blood sugar. Enjoying small sweet pleasures has never been so healthy and so good for your health thanks to the jam without sugar.



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Sugar Free Jam

What's better for breakfast or a snack than buttered toast topped with a nice layer of jam? Just like the spread, jam also exists in a 0 sugar version. Paired with a slice of low GI bread or spread on sugar-free cookies, sugar-free fruit jam is delicious but guilt-free!

How is sugar-free jam made? 

A classic jam as we know it is made by mixing equal proportions of fruit and white sugar. This applies to all jams, whether they are strawberry, orange or apricot. This sugar brings its oh-so-indulgent taste to the jam, but it also allows the jar to keep longer. 

In the case of a sugar-free jam, the recipe's ingredient list is a bit different. You'll need:

- The fruit of your choice

- A sweetener (stevia, erythritol, xylitol, maltitol...)

- A gelling agent (agar-agar, pectin, chia seeds...)

- A bit of lemon juice for acidity and preservation.

As for preservation, the jars are then packed in a water bath allowing a perfect natural preservation, without adding any preservatives. 

Why swap your classic jam for a no-sugar added version?  

There is an average of 60 grams of sugar per hundred grams in a traditional strawberry jam. As a reminder, the WHO recommends not exceeding 25 grams of sugar per day. Thus, with two medium-sized slices of bread you are already above the recommended doses, just at breakfast!

The jam without added sugar, just as greedy and fruity, contains only the sugars naturally present in the fruit. Depending on the fruit chosen and the brand, no-sugar jam has a variable sugar content: on average it is less than 5% sugar in the finished product. You preserve your health and you will not have to deprive yourself of greed.

If you are on a diet or want to lose weight, the sugar-free jam will be ideal to lower your daily calorie intake without frustration. Finally, diabetics will be able to indulge themselves with products that do not impact their blood sugar levels.

The different sugar-free jams

There are many sugar-free jams that allow you to vary the pleasures at every gourmet moment! Just like a traditional jam, the flavors come in as many varieties as there are fruits:

- sugar-free strawberry jam

- sugar-free apricot jam

- sugar-free blueberry jam

- sugar-free orange jam

Some brands offer their sugar-free jams in an organic version: the recipe is the same but the fruits used are organic. 

On Délices Low Carb, we offer a stock of no sugar added jams available for delivery, at the best price! If you are hesitating and don't know yet which one to choose, you can refer to the customer reviews.