E201 La Nouba 4 Fruit Jam 215 g

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This delicious sugar free jam with 4 fruits (strawberries, cherries, red currants, raspberries) La Nouba, sweetened with maltitol is a quality, gourmet and healthy jam made for your pleasure!"


  • 1. 6 g net carbs
  • 40.8 kcal
  • 14% strawberries, 14% cherries, 14% currants, 14% raspberries
  • without artificial coloring or flavoring
  • without added sugar

For a gourmet and healthy breakfast or a healthy and satiating snack, La Nouba's 4-fruit jam is the original sugar-free jam you absolutely must try out!

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Features and qualities:

The 4-fruit sugar-free jam La Nouba is a low carb jam made in Belgium composed of 14% strawberries, 14% cherries, 14% currants, 14% raspberries, apple pectin, lemon juice and maltitol . In a 215 g jar, its values and its authentic taste are really amazing and inimitable. Indeed, with 40.8 Kcal per spoon of 17 g, 1.6 g net carbohydrates (net carbs), here is a dietetic, greedy and original product ideal to spread your breads and other low carb toasts and to finally say stop to sugar!


Low GI:

We know only too well the role of the glycemic index as a tool for comparing the different food products we consume.

In fact, this index allows us to compare products based on their ability to raise blood sugar levels. (= blood sugar). Indeed, the higher a food has a GI, the more it raises blood sugar.

Examples of Glycemic Index values:

    • Glucose = 100
    • Standard jam = 66
    • White bread = 70

Whole bread = 71White rusk = 68Whole bread = 65

In addition, this sugar-free jam is a premium jam made with only natural additives, no added sugar and no artificial colors or flavors.

And for your health?

The 4-fruit sugar-free jam has been made with maltitol, which is a sweetener derived from wheat or corn that is half the calories of sugar and does not cause any blood sugar spike. It is therefore suitable for diabetics as it does not increase blood sugar levels. Finally, unlike sugar, it does not cause any cavities!)

Who is this product for?

This product is for anyone who wants to control their sugar intake from breakfast and thus prevent any possible weight gain while enjoying a delicious low carb jam of superior quality. And of course any person follower of a low carb diet, ketogenic diet or any person following a sugar free diet. The standard jams marketed in supermarkets clearly contribute to a strong spike in blood sugar and to a weight gain from the first meal of the day. Delights Low Carb offers a high-quality alternative.

Tasting ideas?

*For the ultimate diet breakfast: toast two slices of low carb bread and top them with 4-fruit jam.

And for an even more indulgent & healthy breakfast, make a hot chocolate with low carb chocolate powder and a plant-based milk of your choice and rediscover the pleasure of dipping your toast!

Excessive consumption may have laxative effects.

40.8 Kcal
10 g
of which sugars
1.6 g
0.17 g
8.4 g
Average nutritional values
Par portion de 17 g
La Nouba

14% strawberries, 14% raspberries, 14% cherries, 14% currants, maltitol, apple pectin, lemon juice.

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