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Keto Bread - Ketogenic

Bread is the basis of our diet. At the table or as an accompaniment to an appetizer, as part of a picnic, bread is a must-have. The desire to reduce carbohydrates can complicate the way we eat this food in our daily lives. The keto bread also known as ketogenic bread allows us to continue to eat this product with pleasure without feeling deprived. Low in carbohydrates, protein-rich breads can come in many forms.

Pain VS Keto Bread

In a traditional bread, the amount of carbohydrates is particularly high. On breads made with white or wholemeal flour, we can count about 55% of carbohydrates. This figure may vary slightly depending on the shape, the baking of the product (differences in oven temperature) or even the choice of flour (about 55% for a baguette versus 47% for fiber-rich bran bread), but the high carb content remains problematic in a Keto or Low carb diet. 

By comparison, a Keto bread (keto bread) has a carbohydrate content of about 5%. The flour used allows us to effectively replace the carbohydrates present in the product and thus have a diet more accessible to our health condition or slimming diet. In the kitchen, Keto bread is quick to make. For example, you can make a keto bread by taking a low carbohydrate flour, butter, water, eggs, yeast, oil, psyllium (seed husk with properties that act on the intestines and regulate blood sugar) and you're done in minutes. These ingredients are easily accessible and within everyone's reach. 

Flours allowed with a Keto Diet

You may have noticed that typical flours: white flours, wholemeal flours are to be proscribed in a Keto (keto) or Low carb diet as they are far too rich in carbohydrates. In your meals, including desserts, flours have an impact on your glycemic rate and your diet. These are not compatible with a ketogenic diet. 

On the other hand, the low carb flours recommended and available on déliceslowcarb are:

  • coconut flour
  • flaxseed flour
  • almond flour
  • lupine flour
  • pea flour

These low carb flours allow for recipes to suit every taste. For a public vegan, organic and gluten-free, Keto (keto) bread is for everyone. For a slimming protein diet, without gluten, ketogenic products compensate for the lack and are introduced into our daily lives. 

The different Keto breads (ketogenic)

In everyday life you regularly eat bread in all its forms. Whether it is organic, round, gluten-free, vegan, with gluten, wholemeal bread, in pizza, in buns, brioche bread, baguette. the list is long. So how to find these products based on a ketogenic diet that are the basis of our diet? déliceslowcarb offers these products in the form of ready-to-use preparations, in the form of immediate consumption as well as products alone such as flaxseed flour, almond flour, coconut flour.

Keto preparations

Déliceslowcarb offers a wide selection of low carb products that allow you to make your own keto breads at home quickly and without difficulty. You can find our favorite brand which is Adams Brot. It offers many ready-to-use preparations where simply a little water is enough to make a Keto bread. Preparations such as: 

  • Adams Brot Gold powdered formula (almond, flax and coconut flour)
  • Adams Brot Brotchen powdered formula (based on flax and coconut flour)
  • Adams Brot 4-Korn powdered formula (flax and coconut flour as well as seeds)

These are not the only formulas available for a ketogenic diet and a low-sugar diet.

You can also find a seed-based preparation such as the Low carb nut bread preparation (much higher in fiber and protein), available on the site. These preparations will perfectly accompany your everyday dishes and will invite themselves in your kitchen with ease thanks to a large choice available on the site. 

The keto bread to eat

For more quickness when time is short or just a little peckish you will be able to find products ready to be eaten immediately. No cooking to do simply enjoy hot or cold accompanied by drinks. These are foods low in carbohydrates but rich in protein that will combine efficiency and time saving. These products that you will find on delightslowcarb are:

  • keto crackers
  • keto buns
  • keto burger buns
  • keto toast

Homemade keto bread recipes

Finding good recipes to cook keto, to learn how to follow a protein-rich ketogenic diet to adapt in our daily lives is not always easy. Delights low carb allows you to discover through the book "the great book of the ketogenic diet" OF ULRICH and NELLY GENISSON a wide choice of recipes all more tasty than each other for an adaptation to the keto diet simplified low carb. This book can easily guide and advise you to implement the ketogenic and protein diet. Something that a lambda blog will not be able to do. In this book you can find for example:

  • a recipe for brown bread with flax
  • a recipe for coconut bread
  • a recipe for protein bread
  • a recipe for pizza dough

So many possibilities that allow an adaptation without deprivation to a keto diet. Preparing your meals becomes simpler. A little butter, water, eggs, yeast and even psyllium and you get dishes low in carbohydrates but gluten-free and especially good for your health. The recipes are available in our partner books but they are also available on our blog.

A wide selection of Délices Low Carb keto breads

Keto eating okay but where do you find these essential ingredients to achieve your goals (switching to a low carb and keto diet)? For example, you can come across a blog of tips but to simplify your task delightslowcarb offers a wide selection available at any time. The keto bread can in a click share your lunches, desserts and drinks throughout the day. 

Our keto bread preparations

The foods offered by déliceslowcarb are rich in protein but especially low in carbohydrates perfectly suited to keto and low carb diets. On each product available on the site you will find a wide choice of preparations to make in a few minutes your keto breads (keto bread) or your keto dough for your desserts and other savory dishes. 

  • flax meal preparations
  • coconut meal preparations
  • gluten free preparations

Keto burger buns

Your desire to reduce carbs in your recipes should not impact your enjoyment of food. Paying attention to your health doesn't mean losing taste and flavor. Déliceslowcarb offers keto bread types of burger bread to vary your weekly dishes such as:

Oven baking is just as much of a possibility on a traditional or convection oven. These breads low in carbohydrates but rich in fiber and protein can make you crave without remorse while following your diet. 

Keto bread for all tastes

Bread is the basis of our diet. In all our meals, it is present. The keto and low carb diet does not prohibit this ingredient but advises the use of low carbohydrate foods to focus on protein. Déliceslowcarb makes available carefully selected low carb products to help you in your slimming process and recipes.