Sauces without sugar

Sauces without sugar

Find in this category a large choice of sauces without sugar that can be integrated in a ketogenic, low carb and sugar free diet.



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Sugar-free Sauces

Among the most consumed recipes in France, many are accompanied by a sauce that varies from dish to dish. The sauces sold in traditional supermarkets are packed with added sugars. This page is dedicated to sugar-free sauces. Whether you are on a keto, low carb or sugar free diet, or just paying attention to your nutrition, these products will fit in perfectly with all your dishes. 

Which sauces have the most calories?

If you pay a little attention to nutrition, you'll quickly realize that sauces are some of the least healthy products in the kitchen. Let's take a closer look at the sugar and calories in the most common sauces.

Barbecue sauce (also known as bbq sauce)

Highly consumed with high-fat dishes, barbecue sauce is a sugar and calorie bomb. With more than a third of sugar per 100g of product, such a sauce is not suitable for a keto or sugar-free diet. Alternatives exist: sugar-free barbecue sauce. It will accompany your fries, burgers and steaks wonderfully. 


Very popular in children's diets because of its sweet flavor, ketchup is among the most consumed sauces in France. Made from tomato, vinegar, sugar and salt, it has an average sugar content of more than 20%. Therefore, it is not recommended if you wish to follow a sugar-free diet. Instead, you can turn to sugar-free ketchup sauces. 

Tomato sauce

A classic condiment to accompany pasta or spread on bread, homemade tomato sauce is lower in calories and sugars than the other sauces mentioned. Nevertheless, it's not the same story with industrial tomato sauces: the amount of added sugars goes from simple to double from one sauce to another. Unless you really know how to read labels, we recommend that you buy exclusively no-sugar-added tomato sauce for your dishes.

Many other sauces are high in sugar and their no-sugar version is to be preferred: sweet chili sauce, mustard sauce, curry sauce... Bought in jars, or homemade in the kitchen, these sugar-free sauces guarantee you healthy meals with flavor.

Zero sugar sauce is possible!

If you are on a diet (weight loss, low carb, sugar-free or keto), out of question to get frustrated, you will go straight to the wall. The key to maintaining a diet over the long term is to enjoy it! The zero sugar sauce is one of these sources of pleasure. To achieve it, you need to replace the sugar with one or more sweeteners (sucralose, stevia...) that don't distort the taste of the base recipe but make a zero sugar sauce.

For specific diets, you will also find zero-calorie sugar-free sauces, enriched with protein, or low in salt or fat.

Sauces are not necessarily salty: a chocolate or caramel-flavored sauce or a syrup can be considered sauces. These sweet sauces can also be sugar-free, you will find a selection on the dedicated page.