Keto spreads

Keto spreads

Find in this category the Délices Low Carb offer of keto and low carb spreads that can be integrated into a ketogenic and low carb diet.

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Keto Spread - Ketogenic

The spread is a little treat for all ages. It delights young and old alike at all times. Ideal for snacking, for breakfast, the spread is a sweet must-have. No matter what dessert you are preparing (pancakes, waffles, French toast, panini or even sweet pizzas) the spread is there. It's THE product that we systematically find in our cupboards.

But here's the thing, it's still a carbohydrate-rich food to "cut out" of Ketogenic or Low Carb diets. So how do you continue to indulge in this delicacy without deviating from your slimming diet? To eat tasteless cereal bars at the expense of a good slice of bread and spread? Déliceslowcarb offers an alternative. The Keto spread. We know it, it is difficult to do without this wonderful taste of hazelnut that brings this product in our sweet recipes.

As a reminder, the keto diet (ketogenic and low carb) is a diet based on a strong reduction of carbohydrates in our diet while focusing on lipids (good fats). By opting for this diet, your body goes into ketosis and draws on fats for energy. Through this process, weight loss is automatic. Ideal for a slimming diet. 

The spread and its nutritional values

When we hear "spread" we rightly think:

  • sugars
  • chocolate
  • cocoa
  • fat (palm oil)
  • dessert

Effectively, on the products that are on the market in the supermarkets, they can be related to this description. Product not at all suitable for a ceto or low carb diet, you will agree then what to choose...what to will find a table below that will give you an idea on the nutritional value of this product both on a traditional spread and a keto spread. (per 100g)

NUTELLAGOODGOOD spreadGlucid57. 7gCarbohydrates49gof which sugars56.3gof which sugars9gFat30.9gFat37gof which saturated fatty acids10. 6gof which are saturated fatty acids8gPalm oil15%Polyols40gProtein6.3gnet carbohydrates9gSalt0. 107gProtein6gFiber2.8gSalt2g

As you can see, the glycemic load of a jar of traditional spread is relatively high compared to a jar of Delicateslowcarb.

It is entirely possible to make your own homemade and Keto spread! you just need these few ingredients (each product available at déliceslowcarb):

  • 750g roasted Hazelnuts
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 75g sweeteners (stevia, erythrol)
  • 2/3 cup organic keto cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  • a pinch of salt. 

A few minutes of preparation and it's done, to your toast!

My jar, everywhere, to every taste!

Usually, when we think spread we think chocolate! What a shame to leave out so many other ingredients that could yet reignite your sweet tooth. Caramel, Hazelnut, White chocolate, cocoa... so many kinds that exist at deliceslowcarb. To each craving its own jar!

This wide choice of spreads makes it possible to satisfy all opinions, all tastes on all occasions at competitive prices while remaining in its ketogenic or Low Carb diet.

New recipe to be shared without moderation

The spread is not "only" precisely to spread. It can easily and simply invite itself into your kitchen. Very often it is spread on pancakes, waffles, toast for your breakfast with your morning drink. At snack time with a glass of vegetable milk. But for the greediest it is quite possible to make a dessert based on a ketogenic diet (keto) with this product.

Here is a small recipe for sweet pizza:


For the dough:

  • A keto pizza dough in preparation ADAMS PIZZA Adamo ( with almond flour available on the site)
  • A little water

You will find the instructions for use directly on the product. 

For the filling:

  • A GOODGOOD hazelnut spread
  • Coconut powder
  • A portion of fruit (red fruit type)
  • For the greediest you can add almonds, walnuts, roasted hazelnuts. 

A few minutes of baking in the oven and you can enjoy a simple and gourmet dessert to share. 

Little bonus!

For fans of hot beverages strong in chocolate, it is quite possible to make hot chocolate with spread.

Here's a quick new little recipe:

  • Boil some plant milk (for example, sugar-free almond milk) with a vanilla bean
  • Take the milk off the heat once it's nice and hot
  • Pour into your mug
  • Include a dollop of pure organic cocoa powder
  • Add a spoonful of keto spread according to your preference
  • Serve!

These new sweet dish recipes will delight your guests with ease. Each recipe ingredient is available on our déliceslowcarb site. Gone are the days of heavy and rich desserts, of cream cake at the end of every meal. Your keto diet will go smoothly thanks to our keto spreads. A carb-free drink, soup, pizza spread, here's a meal that makes you want to!