DH302 Torras Hazelnut Cocoa Cream STEVIA 200g

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The famous spread dethroned by this sugar free spread added to hazelnuts sweetened with Stevia? Delicate taste, 10% hazelnuts, 3g of sugar = guilt gone!

Pleasure without consequence...

How to calculate net carbs in chocolate spread?

To calculate the net carbohydrates of a European sweetened food, it is necessary to subtract from the carbohydrates the polyols (or polyalcohols) that is to say the sweetener used in the manufacture.

Here, for 100 g, we find 51 g of carbohydrates and 48 g of polyalcohols. That is, 3 g of net carbohydrates.

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A perfect spread for diabetics

This tasty spread is ideal for people with diabetes who want to control their blood sugar. Indeed, anyone with diabetes knows how complicated it can be to keep a low glycemic index without depriving yourself. With this hazelnut cocoa cream, you can follow your sugar-free diet without saying no to a sweet treat. Containing no refined or added sugar, this low carb cocoa cream with hazelnuts is only sweetened with Stevia. This plant originating from South Africa has a strong sweetening power and is natural, ideal to preserve your health. Thus, you will be able to allow yourself a little gourmet break with a toast topped with low carb spread without fearing for your blood sugar level.

A zero calorie low carb cocoa cream

If you are overweight and want to follow a low carb diet, you will not have to deprive yourself of all the sweet pleasures. Indeed, it is not because you want to start losing weight that you have to say goodbye to all sweet goodies, which will fatally generate frustration. So you should not hesitate to try this hazelnut cocoa cream from Torras. With 10 grams of hazelnuts, vegetable oil, defatted cocoa powder and natural sweeteners, you will be able to treat yourself from time to time without taking any calories. It is thus ideal within the framework of a diet keto because, low carbohydrates and containing no added sugar. Thus, you will enjoy the real taste of hazelnuts enhanced by the greediness of cocoa for a real pleasure in the mouth.

Do not hesitate anymore, and order this hazelnut cocoa cream in our diabetic food store. No need to go anywhere, you can place your order in our online store. We are also specialized in keto and low carb products. We offer a wide range of gluten-free and sugar-free products. So, nothing will be easier than to give yourself a little treat while consuming in a healthier way.

Keep cool and dry.

460 kcal / 1906,4 k
31 g
saturated fatty acids
6.5 g
51 g
of which sugars
3 g
3 g
5 g
0.01 g
48 g
Average nutritional values
Pour 100 g

Defatted cocoa powder, hazelnuts 10%, milk powder, sweeteners: maltitol and steviol glucoside (0.027%), sunflower and palm vegetable fat, soy lecithin, natural hazelnut and vanilla flavors. Contains naturally occurring sugars.

Excessive consumption may have laxative effects.

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