DH301 Balance stevia Chocolate spread - 250 g

VAT included
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Delicious low carb hazelnut cocoa spread with:

  • 7.9g net carbs
  • 32g fiber
  • 4. 8 g of protein.
  • edulcorated with stevia and erythritol

Here's a super premium spread that tastes delicately nutty and can be eaten without guilt!

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Features and qualities:

Balance brand Belgian hazelnut, cocoa and stevia & erythritol spread, low carb with 13% hazelnuts.

Benefits and comparisons:

Compared to the most famous brand of spreads (n. ....a), this Balance spread contains only 13 g of carbohydrates including 5.6 g of sugar ( compared to 57.5 g of carbohydrates including 56.3 g of sugar for n.....a!!)

Sweeteners, sugar substitutes

Is replacing sugar with Stevia and erythritol good for your health?

- Decryption:

Stevia: Original to South America, stevia is a sweetener of natural origin containing zero calories and possessing a significant sweetening power. It is by extracting the leaves of the plant bearing the same name that the sweetener is manufactured. According to some American studies, glycosides present in stevia extract would contribute to the reduction of blood pressure, to the reduction of glucose absorption in the intestine thus promoting a decrease in blood sugar levels.

Erythritol: Natural sweetener that we find in fruits (such as melon, grapes, pear), fermented foods (miso) or soy sauce that produces a very low level of glucose in the blood with almost 0 calories (0.2 kcal/g against 4 for sugar).

- Health impacts:

Polyols = sweeteners used in the manufacture of this milk chocolate, (here Stevia and Erythritol), substitutes for sugar used in chocolate bars by the food industry. In addition, they do not induce an increase in blood sugar in case of diabetes, do not cause insulin spikes and are not responsible for the appearance of cavities.

Who is this product for?

Here is a spread that can be consumed by the smallest as well as the biggest gourmands. Indeed, it is not because you have diabetes that you can not succumb from time to time to a small sweet pleasure. Indeed, thanks to this low carb spread, keeping a low glycemic index is possible while enjoying yourself. This cream of cocoa and hazelnuts has been elaborated with tasty hazelnuts, quality vegetable oils, but especially natural sweeteners. This spread does not contain any refined sugar because it is only sweetened with Stevia and erythritol extracts. Also, even if you are a diabetic person wanting to control your blood sugar levels without fail, this sweetness will always be welcome.

If you are an overweight person wanting effective weight loss through dieting, this sugar-free spread is just what you need. This tasty Belgian cocoa and hazelnut cream is very low in calories as it contains no added sugar or low-grade sweeteners. So, while preserving your health, you will be able to indulge in this little treat as part of a low carb diet. Too often, when following a sugar-free diet, we think that we have to deprive ourselves of all sweet things. False information because, this low carb spread will allow you to indulge without any guilt!"

You can already order this spread in our diabetic food store to find good quality low carb spread.

2191 kJ / 533 Kcal
45 g
saturated fatty acids
9.3 g
13 g
of which sugars
5.6 g
32 g
4.8 g
0.07 g
5.07 g
Average nutritional values
Pour 100 g
Pasta Spreads

Vegetable oil and fats (rapeseed oil, palm oil), fiber (oligofructose, inulin), hazelnuts 13%, low-fat cocoa powder, sweeteners (erythritol, stevia glycosides), skim milk powder, emulsifier(soy lecithin).

May contain traces of nuts.

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