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Délices low carb vous présente une sélection de croissants keto salés et sucrés compatibles avec le régime keto ou régime low carb

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Keto Crescent - Ketogenic

The keto croissant, a sweet or savory treat

Traditionally, the croissant is a sweet treat eaten mainly at breakfast to accompany a cup of coffee, tea or any morning drinks. Over time, the croissant has declined to give birth to chocolate bread or almond croissant and has even invited itself into our savory meals, topped with butter, ham and cheese. 

When adopting a ketogenic diet, you probably thought you would have to make a cross on this small daily pleasure (pastry, pastry) ... but no worries, like most pastries, the croissant also has its keto version.

Whether you have a ketogenic diet, low carb or you just want to take care of your health, keto croissants are made for you!

Traditional croissant and ketogenic croissant: what are the differences

The croissant (or chocolate bread) dough is made up of simple ingredients:

  • Farina
  • Sugar
  • Leavening powder (in warm water)
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Salt
  • Egg yolk (to brush on)

This recipe makes it not only caloric, but also very high in carbs. To obtain a ketogenic version of the dough and therefore low-carb croissants, it is a matter of replacing the sugar, flour by suitable products. For example, white wheat flour can be replaced with coconut flour, almond flour or even lupine flour.  

Butter is an integral part of a ketogenic diet but it can be further enriched. Using Ghee can be a good alternative. Finally, if the croissant is made in a sweetened version, we will replace the classic white sugar with a low GI sweetener in powder or syrup, such as erythritol or stevia. As for the egg, it is part of the ingredients that fit perfectly into a ceto diet as well as butter. 

In what cases to consume keto croissants?

The keto croissant is ideal for anyone wishing to control the amount of carbohydrates ingested on a daily basis such as low carb or ketogenic (keto) diet practitioners. These French specialties are perfect for anyone who wants to limit their gluten intake and wants to lose weight. Finally, people with diabetes or who need to follow a sugar-free diet will be able to consume these products without worry. 

In addition to being low in carbohydrates, these croissants are also rich in protein and are ideal for athletes wishing to take care of their body and health. Délices Low Carb offers the power sporty food croissant, which is richer in protein and contains creatine to promote good recovery.

To each his own keto croissant! 

A croissant is a pastry that can be filled or eaten plain. So that everyone can find their happiness during their ketogenic or low Carb diet for weight loss, Délices Low Carb offers a range of varied keto croissants at low prices:

A Salty, Sweet Pleasure!

As you can see, the keto croissant can be eaten in any form. Already ready to use, no need to spend time in the kitchen to knead, let the dough rest. It invites itself in your plates with a disconcerting ease but for your biggest happiness! Then in sweet, in salted how to taste it? Here are a few ideas:

For sweet lovers:


  • Feeling ok plain sweet croissant
  • Spread (GOODGOOD)
  • Coconut chips


  • Preheat the oven to 80 degrees
  • Place your crescents open in half on a baking sheet with parchment paper
  • Layer the inside of your crescents with the spread
  • Add the coconut shavings
  • Bake for about 3 minutes

Pull them out and enjoy them warm with a bowl of red fruit!

And the salty ones!

Here are a few little recipe ideas for a salty version of the keto croissant, with these French-style gourmet snacks no need to worry about calories anymore!

The Croissant is usually a product that we eat sweet. What if you varied the pleasures with savory recipes? Here are two quick and easy recipes to make for a meal that is always more indulgent:


  • One plain salty feeling croissant ok
  • 5 -6 tablespoons of whole cream
  • Shredded cheese (mozzarella or three cheeses)
  • Psyllium
  • Ham cut up (low carb)
  • A pinch of nutmeg
  • Salt /Pepper


  • In a bowl mix one jar of whole cream (5-6 tablespoons) with the grated cheese, nutmeg, psyllium, salt and pepper. 
  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees
  • On a baking sheet install parchment paper, open the croissants in half.
  • Layer the croissant with the preparation, half a slice of ham and again with the preparation. 
  • Repeat the operation for the others, bake for a few minutes (about 8 minutes) and it's ready to enjoy immediately, you'll see the opinions of your entourage will be unanimous!

For more greed you can find a recipe for salty croissant on the trendy blog of Delights Low Carb. This recipe for goat/honey cereal croissant will awaken your taste buds while being perfectly adapted to your diet.

The products sold on this page are all ready to eat: skip the shopping, the preparation of the dough and the cooking. Indulge yourself without spending hours in the kitchen!