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Find a selection of reference books and authors (Magali Walkowicz) specialized in Low Carb and ketogenic dietetics as well as recipe books.

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Thelow carb dietis a low carb diet. It consists of not consuming any more refined sugar in order to have a quick and effective weight loss. However, to follow this sugar-free diet properly, it is essential to adopt a healthy and natural diet. This also applies to a keto diet, which is highly recommended for people with diabetes. However, in order to follow this diet flawlessly and have concrete results, it is important that the foods and dishes you eat meet its requirements. Also, this specialized bookstore will allow you to find a wide selection of recipe books and books on keto products. Thus, nothing will be easier for you to lose weight or to monitor your blood sugar on a daily basis.

Books to understand the low carb diet

The low carb diet meets specific requirements that are important to know in order to be able to follow it at best. As diabetics or overweight people, the keto diet can really help you. Indeed, this low carbohydrate and sugar-free diet will really benefit you in losing weight or even keeping a low glycemic index. Everyone with diabetes knows how difficult it is to be able to eat properly. This is also the case for overweight people who only frustrate themselves by preventing themselves from indulging in a few gourmet pleasures. That's why this type of diet can really help you take care of your health while allowing yourself a few sweet breaks and tasty dishes. That's why you should not hesitate to read books that explain the low carb diet in detail. We have selected for you easy-to-read and perfectly illustrated books to help you discover everything about the ketogenic diet. So, by preparing your own recipes with quality sweeteners and without refined sugar, you will be able to enjoy yourself without taking a single calorie and without raising your blood sugar. Authors specialising in nutrition and the keto diet are happy to provide you with numerous tips that you can easily adopt on a daily basis. These books have been selected because they are the most complete and interesting to discover in depth these diets renowned for their effectiveness. You will have access to all the keys to success for a healthy and balanced diet that will allow you to best meet all your needs. Whether you are diabetic or you want to lose those extra pounds, or simply adopt a healthier lifestyle, you will find the books that will provide you with all the useful information you need to know. You will take great pleasure in reading them and leafing through them on a daily basis to finally live more serenely thanks to a diet totally adapted to your problem or expectations.

Low carb and keto recipe books

Following a keto diet is not always easy, especially if you are totally new to the subject. Also, you can quickly find yourself restricted in your diet, not knowing what to feed or what to cook. Above all, it is important to get away from preconceived ideas that by following a sugar-free diet you cannot enjoy yourself. In fact, the low-carb diet will change your mind about diets because it is possible to take a break from eating and tasting. Thanks to our selection of ketogenic and low-carb recipe books, you will therefore be able to give free rein to all your desires. Indeed, these books contain a large number of recipes, each more tasty than the last, so that you can eat healthily but always in a gourmet way. So, nothing will be easier for you to find low-carb recipes or sweet recipes without refined sugar and based on Stevia or erythritol. You'll also find ideas using fresh fruit or even sugar-free jam, sugar-free chocolate and even low carb spreads. These recipes have been made with healthy products, without sugar sweeteners decried by health professionals. Also, to keep a low glycemic index, you will find dishes to be made with almond flour or even pea flour. Rich in protein and fibre, they will allow you to fill up on energy to face your hard day at work. Whether it's for breakfast, lunch, a snack or even dinner, you'll have access to a wide range of high quality recipes. What's more, you'll get plenty of advice on how to make these recipes with the greatest of ease and to make them tasty and delicious. You can say goodbye to frustration and hello to gustatory pleasure, whether savoury or sweet! Without fear of gaining weight or risking complications with your diabetes, you will be able to eat without depriving yourself. And that, we perfectly agree, is priceless! All you have to do is find the books that interest you with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Where to buy keto products?

If you want to go on a low carb diet and make the recipes available in the books in our specialist bookstore, you have to choose the right products. Also, a diabetic food store will give you access to a wide choice of keto products. You will also be able to shop directly online thanks to the many shops specialising in low carb foods. This will allow you to take care of your diet and eat in a healthier way every day. You will surely find everything you need without difficulty and without stress!




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