YF Fighting Cancer with the Ketogenic Diet, Magali Walkowicz

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"Fighting Cancer with the Ketogenic Diet" is a book written by Magali Walkowicz, dietician-nutritionist, specialist in the ketogenic diet, in which she shares her experience and recommendations

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The low-sugar, high-fat ketogenic diet has become very popular for fighting cancer. But what can we really expect from it? Is it suitable for all cancers? How can it be implemented safely?

Since 2013, dietician-nutritionist Magali Walkowicz has helped more than a thousand patients adopt the ketogenic diet. From this unique experience, she has drawn valuable lessons that she has gathered in this book.

Her message: the ketogenic diet is not a miracle cure for cancer. But, practiced properly, it can optimize treatment outcomes.

Based on numerous clinical cases, Magali describes in detail the effects she has observed: the diet often helps limit the side effects of treatment; it improves energy levels; it helps to be positive...

She then gives all the keys to make the diet your own and adapt it to each individual case, depending on the type of cancer and the treatment being considered (surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy)

In reading this book, you will discover:

- How the ketogenic diet works and why research is interested in it

- Mistakes not to make

- Dozens of nutritional tips to manage your weight, maintain your muscles, rebalance your gut flora, avoid deficits. ..

Magali also answers the most common questions of patients such as is the ketogenic diet dangerous when you have lost weight? Can you follow it when you are vegetarian or vegan? Is there any benefit to fasting during cancer?

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