I202 The Friendly Fat Company, MCT Powder Hot Chocolate, 260 g

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The Friendly Fat Company's MCT Hot Chocolate Powder with Acacia Fiber has a tremendous amount of benefits on its own:

  • Instant and sustained energy
  • Clearer brain function and focus
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Increased satiety between meals
  • Supports weight loss and weight control
  • Accelerates the transition to ketosis

C8 MCT 100% derived from coconut Super clean formula with acacia fiber.

  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Suitable for vegans and keto

Per 10g serving (is 2 tablespoons) it contains:

  • 0.19g carbs
  • 1.9g fiber
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The MCT Hot Chocolate Powder with Acacia Fiber from The Friendly fat company will give your coffee a delicious chocolate taste or simply make you a sugar-free and energizing hot chocolate. In fact it will offer you an instant and long lasting energy boost, improved stamina and boost your mental focus.


MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides which stands for medium length fatty acids and is a form of fat mainly derived from the coconut. It is one of the most easily assimilated forms of fat by your body as an energy substrate. Because of its structure, the body breaks it down more easily than other fats. MCT is not stored as fat in your body because it is instantly converted into ketones by the liver. Ketones are a powerful fuel for your body that will instantly improve energy, increase fat burning, reduce cravings, and improve your mental performance and focus.

MCTs are often used by athletes who need instant and sustained energy to improve their performance and endurance during hard training. MCTs are also great for weight loss, helping to keep blood sugar levels stable and control appetite by increasing the feeling of fullness. MCT oil also improves gut health and reduces inflammation.

How to use:

  • Add 1-2 scoops to your coffee, shakes, hot milk, or other beverages whenever you need an extra energy boost.
Pour 10 g (soit 2 cuillères à soupe)
272 kj / 60.4 kcal
5.9 g
saturated fatty acids
5 g
0.19 g
of which sugars
0 g
1.9 g
0.6 g
0.01 g
The Friendly Fat Company
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C8 MCT-coconut oil (caprylic acid), acacia fiber, cocoa powder, erythritol, steviol glycosides

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