A102 5 in 1 Avocado Peeler cut, extract, peel, drain and shred

VAT included
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The Nerthus brand avocado peeler is finally here! For a ketogenic or low carb diet, avocado is a fruit that is very often used in these diets and often incorporated into your recipes. But peeling it can be a challenge! The pit that won't go away, the avocado that gets damaged, a real pain.

The avocado peeler will make your life easier to:

- cut

- extract

- peel

- scoop

- mash

The 5 functional parts will allow you to do it all with ease.

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As we know, the avocado is a fruit that can be fickle. Sometimes a little too ripe it will crush between your fingers, or not ripe enough and there impossible to remove the pit. The 5 in 1 avocado peeler helps to avoid this kind of problem.

its 5 features allow you to cut, extract, peel, scoop and crush the avocado without difficulty!

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