BB103 Kalifornia Keto, Kookie Kup chocolate chip

VAT included
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Cookie kup chocolate chip, KALIFORNIA KETO

Discover a cookie keto unlike any other!

Here's a microwave-safe keto chocolate chip cookie! Single serving or shareable, enjoy a yummy keto cookie!

Just add water, pop it in the microwave and you've got a warm, delicious cookie!"

Made with natural ingredients, it's:

  • keto friendly
  • gourmet
  • 3g net carbs
  • gluten free

How do you calculate the net carbs in an American product?

To calculate the net carbohydrates of an American sweetened food, we must subtract from the carbohydrates: polyols (or polyalcohols) that is to say, the sweetener used in the manufacture + fiberS

Here, per single serving, we find 18 g of carbohydrates, 11 g of polyalcohols and 4 g of fiber. That is, 3 g of net carbs.

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Tips for use:

1. Add a tablespoon of water

2. Stir

3. Microwave for 45-60 seconds

4. Devour lukewarm!

Caution product and contents may be very hot when removed from the microwave

Par portion individuelle
240 Kcal
21 g
saturated fatty acids
5 g
18 g
Net carbs
3 g
4 g
6 g
11 g
Biscuit keto
Cookies Keto

Almond flour, erythritol, monk fruit extract, chocolate chips (unsweetened chocolate, erythritol, cocoa butter, stevia extract, sunflower lecithin), grass fed butter powder, vanilla powder, golden flax meal, baking powder, sea salt.

Milk, almond

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