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From the sugar-free sandwich bread toasted with seeds with:

(1 serving = 50g)

- In 4 servings of 50g

- Only 4g of carbs and 0. 5g of sugar per serving

= 80% less carbs than regular toast

- 32% protein

- With the refined taste of toasted bread and its crunchy seeds!

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Features and Qualities:

Prototoast Sugar Free Seed Bread constitutes a low-carb toasted sandwich bread. In 200g pack (5X50g), it contains 4 portions of 5 slices of sandwich bread.

In addition, its nutritional values are interesting. It contains, in fact, 4g of carbohydrates per 50g serving (5 slices of toasted bread) including 0.50g of sugars only. For this same portion, it is composed of 20 g of fiber and 16 g of protein.

Here is a toasted sandwich bread that combines both ideal nutritional qualities and exceptional taste qualities for those who follow a sugar-free diet or who want to control their daily carbohydrate intake without neglecting the taste and pleasure!

And for your health?

In fact, the sugar-free sandwich bread toasted with seeds has many nutritional benefits in addition to its authentic taste. Its glycemic index is low unlike the sandwich breads marketed in supermarkets or bakeries. Its high fiber and protein intake also reveal a first choice diet product!

Low GI:

We know only too well the role of the glycemic index as a tool for comparing the different food products we consume.

In fact, this index allows us to compare products according to their ability to raise blood sugar levels. (= blood sugar). Indeed, the higher a food has a GI, the more it raises blood sugar.

Examples of Glycemic Index values:

    • White baguette = 95
    • White sandwich bread = 70

White sandwich bread = 71

    • White bread = 68

White bread = 65

Thus, we can notice very distinctly that even wholemeal bread has a Glycemic Index above 50.

Rich in fiber

Fiber is a substance of plant origin that is essential for the proper functioning of the intestine.

Fiber, recommended by nutritionists, is a substance of plant origin that is essential for the optimal functioning of the intestine. Indeed, they participate in the proper digestion of food and promote the feeling of satiety and better being after the meal.

Rich in proteins:

Proteins play an important role in our body: they participate in the manufacture of muscle tissue, hair and nails, skeleton, skin. When we follow a low-calorie or low-carbohydrate diet, it appears essential to consume protein in order not to lose muscle mass while having the goal of losing weight quickly and permanently.

Seeds: sesame, flax, poppy

Sesame seeds are a natural source of OMEGA 6, calcium and iron.

Flax seeds are rich in alpha-linolenic acid,OMEGA 3. They act in particular in particular on the immune system, the regulation of blood pressure, and promote the lowering of cholesterol.

Poppy contains many nutrients. It contains both omega 3, 6 and 9 and is rich in magnesium, iron, calcium, which are essential to the body.

Why consume sugar-free toasted bread?

The sugar-free toasted bread can be consumed by everyone, young and old. Indeed, with their low carbohydrate content and containing no refined sugar, it can be perfectly suitable for diabetics or overweight people. In the case of severe diabetes, it is essential to control one's glycemia by paying attention to one's diet. Also, to keep a low glycemic index, you can easily eat this tasty low carb toasted sandwich bread.

Very tasty and low in calories since it contains no added sugar or chemical sweeteners, this sugar-free toasted sandwich bread is also suitable for dieters. Effective weight loss often requires not eating certain foods, such as bread that is particularly sweet and high in calories. Also, this low carb product will allow you to indulge yourself without gaining extra pounds. At breakfast time, with sugar free jam or low carb spread, you will be able to enjoy yourself, even if you follow a sugar free diet or a low carb diet. It will be a very good alternative to the traditional white baguette or industrial sandwich bread, stuffed with added sugar.

Who is this product for?

This product is for anyone who wants to be vigilant about their carbohydrate intake and thus prevent any potential weight gain or stabilize their ideal weight while indulging in a crunchy and nutritious sandwich bread! And of course anyone who follows a sugar-free diet, a low carb, ketogenic diet or anyone following a sugar-free diet. On the contrary, breads made with 54g of carbohydrates per 100g on average contribute to weight gain without a doubt.

Eating sugar-free and carb-free is all about food choices and good plans!

You want to lose weight or watch your weight and you've realized that some products are harmful to your health, this toasted sandwich bread is the product for you.

Tasting ideas?

* For the ultimate diet breakfast: take two slices of this low-carb bread and spread your homemade spreads on each!

* As a simple bread replacement to accompany your meals (traditionally, in France, a meal without bread is a very bland meal).

* As toast, the bread will be the base for your colorful and creative appetizers! To your recipes!

* As an appetizer with white ham or country ham simply!

Do not hesitate any longer, and order in our diabetic food store. No need to go anywhere, you can order in our online store. We are also specialized in keto and low carb products. We offer a wide range of gluten-free and sugar-free products. So, nothing will be easier than to give yourself a little pleasure while consuming in a healthier way.

138.00 Kcal / 577.00 Kj
6.50 g
saturated fatty acids
2.50 g
4.0 g
of which sugars
0.50 g
20 g
16 g
0.77 g
Average nutritional values
Par portion de 50 g

Wheat fiber, wheat gluten, oat protein, flax seed, sesame seed, poppy seed, virgin olive oil-extra, salt, yeast, soy lecithin.

contains soy, nuts, gluten

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