EE203 Indiana Pork Jerky 25g

VAT included
5/ 5

Pork jerky with per 25g serving:

  • 0.25g carbohydrate
  • 12.5g protein
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Who is this product for?

This low carb pork jerky can be perfectly suitable for people with diabetes. Low in carbohydrates, without refined sugar or added salt, this pork jerky will not be of any risk to your health. Indeed, it is not because you have diabetes that you have to deprive yourself completely. You should always eat foods with a low glycemic index so that your blood sugar level does not end up skyrocketing. Also, this very tasty low carb pork jerky will satisfy all your cravings.

Even if you have to follow a weight loss with a sugar free diet or a keto diet, you should still be able to enjoy yourself. Eating healthy and watching your figure can help you lose weight faster. That's why you shouldn't hesitate to try this tasty low carb pork jerky. Indeed, you often think that because you have started a diet, you have to say goodbye to all sweet and salty goodies. Now, thanks to this high quality jerky, without artificial sweetener, you will finally be able to enjoy yourself.

Where to find this low carb jerky?

Trust our online diabetic food store to order this low carb jerky. We have indeed selected the best of keto products in order to best ensure your satisfaction by meeting your needs. Thanks to our selection of low carb foods, you will finally be able to eat healthily since these products contain no aspartame or sucrose. You can therefore from now on place all your orders in just a few mouse clicks and be delivered as soon as possible. Indulge yourself without waiting!

Ingredients: Pork, salt, Dead Sea salt, sugar, soy protein hydrolysate, yeast, vinegar, color (caramel) dextrose, pepper, maltodextrin, flavor, smoke flavor, garlic, preservative (sodium nitrite).

pour 100 g
1015 kj / 240 kcal
4 g
saturated fatty acids
1.6 g
1 g
of which sugars
0.1 g
50 g
4 g

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