A205 Adams Golden Flax Flour 500 g

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Golden flaxseed meal ADAMS 600g with exceptional nutritional qualities:

  • 3.9 g of carbohydrates (including 2.1 g of sugar) per 100 g.
  • 43.6 g of fiber.
  • 36 g of protein.
  • gluten-free.
  • vegan

Ideal for low glycemic index bread or pastry preparations. Let your creativity flow...

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Golden Flaxseed Meal

The main differences between brown and blond flaxseed meal are:

  • color
  • fiber content: blond flaxseed contains half the fiber of brown flax.

Benefits of golden flaxseed meal

Increasingly used in cooking, flaxseed meal is low in calories and contains many healthful nutrients. In particular, it contains omega-3, plant proteins, fiber and antioxidants. Because of its nutritional values, flaxseed meal can be used to treat certain disorders. Indeed, its fiber content allows to facilitate the intestinal transit and to fight constipation. As for its antioxidants, they are beneficial to protect the body's cells from premature aging due to free radicals.

This flour also participates in muscle development if you follow a sports lifestyle. It is also beneficial in lowering bad cholesterol and regulating blood sugar levels.

This flour also balances blood pressure and protects the organs from heart disease.

Finally, as part of a slimming diet, flaxseed meal is to be consumed due to its satiating power.

261 kcal / 1093 kj
9.8 g
saturated fatty acids
0.9 g
3.9 g
of which sugars
2.1 g
43.6 g
36 g
0.29 g
Average nutritional values
Pour 100 g
Flours and Preparations
Farines naturelles

Golden flaxseed, partially defatted

Traces of tree nuts

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