O204 We Care Crispbread 20x5g (100 g)

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We Care Crispbread 20x5g (100g)

We Care Crispbread (low carb wasa style toasted bread slice) low carb with:

  • 50% less carbs than regular crispbread!
  • 2.1g of carbs (including 0g of sugar ) per 5g
  • 1.3g of protein per 5g.
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Features and qualities:

These crispbread We Care are a toasted version of low carb bread, dietary product and gourmet par excellence to spread your preparations, or enjoy plain in good conscience.


Low GI:

We know only too well the role of the glycemic index as a tool for comparing the different food products we consume.

In fact, this index allows us to compare products based on their ability to raise blood sugar levels. (= blood sugar). Indeed, the higher a food has a GI, the more it raises blood sugar.

Examples of Glycemic Index values:

    • White baguette = 95
    • White sandwich bread = 70
    • Whole bread = 71
    • White bread = 68

Whole bread = 65Light wasa bread = 50

- Did you know how many carbohydrates these crispbreads are made of? And what its glycemic index is (on average). A wholemeal bread is composed of 54g of carbohydrates of which 4.1g is sugar. Because of this, its GI is very high (65).

- This crispbread, like any low carb bread, is ideal for people whose goal is to lose weight.

And for health?

With 21 Kcal per serving, your body will be all the more light, satiated and your health at its best!

Who is this product for?

This We Care product is for anyone who wants to control their carbohydrate intake from breakfast and thus prevent any possible weight gain by indulging in premium low carb fiber bread. And of course anyone who is a low carb dieter or anyone following a sugar and starch free diet. On the contrary, the crispbread that we find on the shelves of supermarkets or in bakeries contribute to weight gain from the first meal of the day.

Why consume this product?

If you want to enjoy yourself while taking care of your health, these small slices of toasted low carb bread are made for you. Very low in carbs and containing no refined sugar or chemical sweeteners, these Cripsbread are perfect for people with diabetes. In fact, you may be on a low carb diet to keep your glycemic index low. Also, these toasted slices of low carb bread will allow you to control your blood sugar without any problem. So no need to deprive yourself at breakfast time anymore because, this diet product has been specially designed for you.

Following a sugar-free diet for weight loss, often requires not eating anything fatty or sweet. Fortunately, with these toasted low carb bread slices, you'll be able to indulge right at breakfast time without any guilt. Covered with a thin layer of sugar-free jam or low-carb butter, indulging in a sweet treat won't put on unwanted pounds! Also, even while meticulously following a diet, you will have all the leisure to treat yourself thanks to this low carb product of great quality.

Tasting ideas?

* For a breakfast diet par excellence.

* As a replacement for bread simply to accompany your meals (traditionally, in France, a meal without bread it does not exist!)

Do not hesitate any longer, and order in our diabetic food store. No need to move, you can order in our online store. We are also specialized in keto and low carb products. We offer a wide range of gluten-free and sugar-free products. So, nothing will be easier than to give you a little pleasure while consuming in a healthier way.

Par Tranche de 5 g
87 kj / 21 kcal
0.7 g
saturated fatty acids
0.1 g
2.1 g
of which sugars
0 g
0 g
1.3 g
0.05 g

Soy flour, wheat flour, wheat protein, sustainable palm fat, salt, emulsifier (soy lecithin), baking powder (sodium bicarbonate, potassium carbonate), almond powder.

Store in a cool, dry place.

May contain traces of milk, Soy, Wheat, Almonds

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