M102 Feeling Ok Bauletto with cereals 300 g

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Low carb Feeling ok cereal (flaxseed and sesame seed) brioche protein bun 300g with : (1 serving = 50 g)

  • 4 g of carbs per 50 g serving
  • 15 g of fiber per 50 g serving and 13 g of protein for that same serving

Delicious with a slice of ham or cheese or lightly toasted with a drizzle of olive oil.

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Who is this product for?

This is a low carb brioche protein bun that is very suitable for people with diabetes. Because of your diabetes, you may be depriving yourself, so that you can control your blood sugar well. With this diabetic product with a low glycemic index, you will finally be able to indulge in a small delicacy, without risk to your health. As part of a low carb diet, you can perfectly consume this protein bread and brioche cereal. At breakfast time, or to accompany your meals, it will always be welcome at the table.

As part of a sugar-free diet to start a weight loss, this low carb protein bun will make you smile again. Just because you've decided to go on a diet doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to all the sweet treats. Indeed, this dietary product contains very few carbohydrates, without refined sugar or any other chemical sweetener. Low in calories, you will be able to enjoy this brioche bread with cereals at breakfast time or during your meals. A slice of this protein bread will not generate any frustration but only pleasure and without superfluous kilos!

Where to buy this protein brioche bread?

To fulfill all your greedy desires, our online diabetic food store will allow you to order this protein bread. Indeed, we offer you a wide choice of keto, aspartame-free and sucrose-free products, so that you can take care of your health. We want to offer you the highest quality in healthy and natural low carb foods. So eating balanced and healthier is possible with our great selection of high quality diet products.


Wheat protein (gluten), oat protein, egg white, flax seed (3%), sesame seed (3%) isolated soy protein, extra virgin olive oil, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural yeast, salt, E471.

contains gluten, egg and soy

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