DG102 Nutribe MCT Coconut & Ghee Cream 300 ml

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MCT Coconut & Ghee Cream, Nutribe, 300 ml

(1 serving = 1 tablespoon = 11g)

Nutribe's carb-free MCT cream with a touch of its tasty COCO & GHEE blend (virgin coconut oil and clarified butter). With no added flavorings, just the real taste of fat.MCT coconut & ghee cream is the ultimate ally for people on the ketogenic diet or keto diet (0g of carbs) The effectiveness of MCT oil in a creamThe emulsified fat formula increases the bioavailability of fatty acids and their conversion into ketones.

Crème MCT coco & ghee
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Who is this product for?

In order to find the real taste of fats, all diabetics can consume this MCT cream with coconut and clarified butter. Indeed, suffering from diabetes, you need to constantly control your blood sugar level so as not to endanger your health. Also, you should only eat foods with a low glycemic index, and that is why this tasty cream will meet your needs. Without carbs, refined sugar or artificial sweetener, this MCT cream you will be able to make all your preparations even smoother.

This MCT cream coconut cream and Ghee is also suitable for all people following a sugar-free diet or a keto diet. Indeed, for an assured weight loss, this cream rich in fat of coconut cream and clarified butter is ideal to bring flavors and smoothness to your preparations. Low in calories but very healthy for the health, you should not hesitate to consume this cream MCT of the most tasty. Losing weight and paying attention to your figure does not mean having to eat foods without flavor and taste.

Where to buy MCT cream with coconut cream and Ghee?

You can order directly on our online diabetic food store. Indeed, we offer you a wide choice of keto products like this MCT cream with coconut cream and Ghee. We have selected for you low carb foods and diet products of high quality and healthy. Indeed, without artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucrose, you can eat in a tasty way without endangering your health. Don't hesitate to choose and order without delay!

Quality fats:MCT C8-C10 coconut oil.Ghee from small farms in Poland.Virgin coconut oil from Sri Lanka. Guaranteed GMO-freeConservation advice:1 month in the refrigerator after openingAdvice for use:Start gradually consumption with a teaspoon, then increase the following days to avoid the laxative effect that may occur at first. Do not heat to more than 120 ° C.Do not consume in case of treatment with valproate.Learn more about gheeThe GHEE is made from butter or cream from which we remove the non-fat elements, mainly casein and lactose. Ghee is a sacred food in India. In traditional Ayurvedic cooking ghee is known for its ability to strengthen the digestive fire.

1 cuillère à soupe (11g)
44,3 Kcal / 185 kJ
4,8 g
saturated fatty acids
4 g
0 g
1 g
0 g
Oils & Creams
Crèmes MCT

Coconut MCT oil, water, coconut & ghee blend (virgin coconut oil, clarified butter), gum acacia, sorbic acid.

coconut, casein (traces).

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