DA403 Balance Stevia Chocolate Dark / Orange 85 g

VAT included
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Here's a high-end made-in-Belgium sugar-free chocolate in the Balance sugar-free chocolate range! You are likely to be more than pleasantly surprised by this delicious dark chocolate / orange sweetened with Stevia and Maltitol.

Crunchy, melting and nothing but pleasure for the fine gourmet...

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Features and Qualities:

High quality sugar free chocolate added dark chocolate orange flavor and sweetened with stevia and maltitol. In bar form with a net weight of 85 g.

In 1995, Balance Belgian Chocolate took their first steps into the world of chocolate. Their ambition: to create tasty chocolate while taking care of your health.The Balance range, which creates a balance between taste and healthy lifestyle is the innovative and truly delicious result, 100% premium.

With a low glycemic index because it is sweetened with stevia plant extracts and maltitol, this premium sugar-free chocolate is the chocolate-pleasure to be enjoyed during a short break at work or in the evening in relaxation mode.


Wanting to venture into a diet without allowing yourself small pleasures is unfortunately often doomed to failure. Stop the frustrations during your diet with this chocolate! To accompany your desire to lose weight or maintain your figure, it will prove to be an ideal snack easy to take along.

Stevia: Original to South America, stevia is a sweetener of natural origin containing zero calories and possessing a significant sweetening power. It is by extracting the leaves of the plant bearing the same name that the sweetener is manufactured. According to some U.S. studies, glycosides present in the extract of stevia would contribute to the reduction of blood pressure, decrease the absorption of glucose in the intestine thus promoting a decrease in blood sugar levels.

Maltitol: Maltitol is extracted from the sugar of wheat or corn. It is half as caloric as sugar with an equivalent sweetening power. Maltitol is suitable for diabetics because it does not influence blood sugar levels.

Maltiol is extracted from grains but it does not contain gluten.

- Health impacts:

Polyols = sweeteners used in the manufacture of this three-nut milk chocolate bar, (here Stevia and maltitol), substitutes for sugar used in chocolate bars by the food industry. Moreover, they do not induce an increase in blood sugar levels in case of diabetes. They also do not cause insulin spikes and are not responsible for the appearance of cavities.

Who is this product for?

In fact, this dark chocolate without sugar contains neither refined sugar nor chemical sweetener. It is sweetened only with Stevia extracts, which is a plant from South Africa, known for its many benefits. So, even if you suffer from diabetes and you must always make sure to have a low glycemic index, this low carb chocolate is made for you. So there is no need to deprive yourself because you are diabetic since this fine Belgian chocolate will allow you to succumb to all your cravings.

This will also be the case if you need to achieve a weight loss and want to preserve your health. Without refined sugar and without chemical or industrial products, this dark chocolate sweetened with Stevia and Maltitol is low in carbohydrates and very low in calories. Thus, while following your diet to lose your unwanted pounds, you will be able to grant yourself a small greedy pleasure accompanied by a coffee or simply during the day.

Recipes ideas and small pleasures:

Eat a small square of chocolate without milk sugar encrusted with coconut chips and puffed rice for the snack, dipped in a good hot coffee that melts slowly in the spoon.

Also, crushed into small pieces and sprinkled in a fresh fruit verrine for dessert.

Do not hesitate any longer, and order from our diabetic food store. No need to go anywhere, you can order in our online store. We are also specialized in keto and low carb products. We offer a wide range of gluten-free and sugar-free products. So, nothing will be easier than to give you a little pleasure while consuming in a healthier way.

To be kept dry and cool.

1884.5 / 450.7
35 g
saturated fatty acids
21.2 g
16 g
of which sugars
2.6 g
33.3 g
5.6 g
9.4 g
Average nutritional values
pour 100 g

Cocoa butter, fiber: inulin, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, skim milk powder, sweetener: maltitol, orange, emulsifier: soy lecithin, sweetener: steviolglycoside, natural flavors.

May contain traces of other nuts.

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