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This delicious no sugar added raspberry jam with authentic taste (made with 75% raspberries!), sweetened with stevia will truly surprise and delight you! With:

  • 6g net carbs per 100g

For a gourmet and healthy breakfast...

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Features and qualities:

The low carb raspberry jam from CarbZone is a low glycemic index jam, without added sugar and made with 75% raspberry. In a 320g jar, its nutritional values are exceptional. Indeed, with 34 Kcal per 100 g and 2.5 g of sugars, here is a dietetic and gourmet product par excellence.

Why consume this product?

This low carb raspberry jam will delight all diabetics. Without refined sugar, without chemical sweetener, this jam is one hundred percent natural, to avoid the aggravation of your diabetes. With a low glycemic index, you will be able to indulge again without any risk for your blood sugar or your health. Even in the context of a low carb diet, you will therefore be able to treat yourself by topping a slice of protein bread or a vegetable cake.

In addition, this low carb raspberry jam is perfect in the context of weight loss. Indeed, if you are following a sugar-free diet or a keto diet, this tasty and greedy jam will satisfy all your cravings. You will be able to give in to a little whim without gaining unnecessary weight, in order to keep an eye on your figure. No guilt or frustration at breakfast or snack time thanks to this jam with no added sugar and a low glycemic index. You will eat healthily and in a balanced way, without needing to deprive yourself, as soon as a sweet desire can take you. You will succumb to its little tangy taste and its very pleasant texture.

Where to buy low carb raspberry jam?

To buy this low carb raspberry jam, visit our online diabetic food store. We have indeed selected for you the best of keto products in order to offer you only excellence. Eating healthy while following a diet without carbohydrates or sugar will be possible thanks to these low carb foods. You can be sure that they do not contain any chemical sweeteners like aspartame or sucrose. You will be able to become greedy again without any risk to your health.


- Did you know that the most famous strawberry jam present in the supermarket shelves contains 59 g of sugars per 100 g? Compared to the CarbZone strawberry jam and its 3.8 g of sugars for the same amount, the supermarket jams are far too rich in sugars.

- Moreover, this jam was made with 75% strawberries while the jam known to all contains only 50%.

And for health?

This raspberry jam, due to its manufacture with sweeteners of natural origin (stevia and erythritol) has a low glycemic index, which, as we now know, is an index that allows us to compare products according to their ability to raise blood sugar levels. (= blood sugar). Also, the more a food has a high GI, the more it raises blood sugar.

Edulcorants, deciphering:

- Stevia: Original to South America, stevia is a sweetener of natural origin containing zero calories and possessing a significant sweetening power. It is by extracting the leaves of the plant bearing the same name that the sweetener is manufactured.

- Erythritol: Natural sweetener that we find in fruits (such as melon, grapes, pear), fermented foods (miso) or soy sauce that produces a very low level of glucose in the blood with almost 0 calories (0.2 kcal/g against 4 for sugar).

Low GI:

We clearly know today that the role of the glycemic index as a tool for comparing the different food products we consume is essential.

In fact, the GI allows us to make a comparison of food products according to their ability to raise the blood sugar level. (= blood sugar). In fact, the higher the GI of a food, the more it raises blood sugar.

On the basis of 100 which represents the highest GI, here is the glycemic index of strandard jam:

Standard (sweetened) jam: 65

The glycemic index (GI) can be classified as follows:

  • High GI if > 70
  • Moderate GI when between 56 and 69
  • Low GI if < 55

Who is this product for?

This product is for anyone who wants to control their sugar intake and thus prevent weight gain. And of course anyone who is a follower of a low carb diet, ketogenic or following a sugar-free diet. Jams made with 59g of sugar per 100g on average contribute to weight gain from the first meal of the day.

Tasting ideas?

At breakfast, indulge yourself by spreading CarbZone strawberry jam on your low carb bread toast! Or, for those who prefer a good croissant for breakfast, cut a low carb croissant in half and spread a spoonful of jam inside, a treat!


Raspberries 75%, sweeteners (erythritol, steviol glycoside), gelling agent (pectin), acidity corrector (citric acid), preservative (potassium sorbate). Prepared with 75% fruit.

34 kcal / 144 kj
0.5 g
saturated fatty acids
0 g
27 g
of which sugars
2.6 g
1.7 g
0.7 g
0.5 g
21 g
Average nutritional values
Pour 100 g

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